NFL | Free agent players' expectations will not be met
Fri, 3 Mar 2006 17:37:34 -0800

Geoff Hobson, of, reports agent Ken Zuckerman does not believe free agent players' expectations for contracts will be met this offseason. Without a collective bargaining agreement in place, teams will only be able to prorate signing bonuses over four years instead of seven. In addition to that, annual salaries will only be allowed to increase a maximum of 30 percent per year. Zuckerman said, "The players' expectations aren't going to be met. If there is no CBA, the bonuses won't be there, and I think there'll be some caution on both sides. We've never been here before."

NFL | Agents expect middle-tier players to sign first
Fri, 3 Mar 2006 17:37:03 -0800

Geoff Hobson, of, reports agents Richard Katz and Ken Zuckerman are expecting middle-tier free agents to sign first, followed by the star free agent players. Zuckerman said, "Those guys are looking for one- or two-year deals anyway. They're looking to make a splash and then are trying to get back on the market anyway."