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Thread: NFL Hangovers

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    NFL Hangovers

    So, it is at this point every season, that all football talk seems to die. I have noticed it before and it seems to be true here as well.

    Like a good party. You're having fun drinking and talking and hanging around. You keep drinking and socializing, and then, after a few hours, you stop drinking. You keep having fun for a long time that night, but eventually, long after you stop drinking, it hits you. The hangover. This is the hangover of football.

    The pre-season workouts start, and suddenly, all the football hype dies as the basketball season dwindles down to zero. The draft is over, the free agents have signed, the teams are working out and practicing, and the people are snoring.

    There was a point this offseason where no one could post a topic before another sprouts up. Now, you can post a reply, come back 2 days later, and no one has hit the board since.

    It is making my work life difficult, with less "filler" material to keep me preoccupied. But, alas, football season is just about to re-kick it up a notch for the year, and once we get going, it's not going to end.

    I cannot believe I am actually excited for the idea of pre-season games. That is how much I miss football right now.

    Well, that's all, and hopefully we hear some good feedback about our new and/or young players. I hope that all the teams can improve, but I hope we improve the most. It would be awesome to see this crowd finally get something worth rooting for.

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    Re: NFL Hangovers

    I think this thread should be titled NFL ENVY.

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    Re: NFL Hangovers

    I hear ya bro, I cant wait for the preseason games myself. I'm so hungry for football, I'd watch a Browns-Lions preseason game.


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