JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. The NFL has gone to the dogs.

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    The NFL has gone to the dogs.

    I just finished reading another thread, and somehow I started comparing some of the NFL teams to dog breeds. Dumb, right? So which team is what breed this year? Here's my partial list. Feel free to add or modify.

    San Fran - Toy Poodles, full of agressive barking, occasionally they do bite, but are mainly just annoying with the constant barking. Likes to have fur died "Mauve" and nail polish applied. Often nicknamed "FiFi".

    Oakland - Bloodhound/coon dog mix. Spends most of the day lying down while the other dogs show signs of life. Neutered.

    Arizona - Inbred Cocker Spaniel. Mean, but messed up in the head. Too little to beat the big dogs, but sometimes can get lucky.

    Seattle - Schnauzer. Likes to play with the big dogs, but always seems to come up short. Has face fur like their HC.

    Rams - American Staffordshire Terrier. Medium sized, smart, loyal. Not too agressive, but not scared to fight anything when the need arises. Doesn't demand attention. Often confused with the Pit Bull, but AmStaffs are more regal and stable.

    Baltimore - Doberman Pinscher. Agressive and able to scare a lot of people. However, due to excessive inbreeding, is extremely unstable.

    Houston - Miniature Pinscher. Agressive, small, and annoys everyone by nipping at their heels.

    New Orleans - Collie, just like Lassie. But only in 2006, because the Saints have helped rescue Timmy and the rest of NO from what Katrina did, even if only by barking loudly.

    Chicago - Rottwieler. Attacks when provoked. Big dog, very good at defending anything. Bred over 2000 years ago for fighting alongside Roman Soldiers.

    Kansas City - Labrador Retriever. Smart, medium sized, somewhat annoying. Oh, and this dog's been recently neutered...


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    Re: The NFL has gone to the dogs.

    Patriots- Alaskan Huskie, Play their best games in the snow and ice of New England.

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    Re: The NFL has gone to the dogs.

    I don't like the sound of the inbreeding lol


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