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    NFL outlaws goalpost dunks as TD Celebrations

    Not only is the New Orleans Saints' Jimmy Graham redefining the tight end position, but he has also inspired an NFL rule change. According to the league's vice president of officiating, players will no longer be allowed to dunk the ball over the goalpost after touchdowns.

    Dean Blandino confirmed the rule change during a radio interview with "The Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday. He said dunking the ball over the crossbar will now be considered a foul along with other touchdown celebrations that involve props.
    Previously, dunks were grandfathered in as a legal celebration, along with the Lambeau Leap.

    "We grandfathered in some, the Lambeau Leap and things like that, but dunking will come out," Blandino said, according to "Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that's the goalpost, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season."

    Graham is clearly the main inspiration for the rule. Twice in his career, his celebratory dunks have knocked the uprights off balance. Last season in Atlanta, a Thursday night game had to be delayed while workers releveled the crossbar.

    And no player in the NFL will be more affected by the rule change than Graham, who has caught more touchdown passes over the past three seasons (36) than anyone else in the league. A former basketball player at the University of Miami, the 6-foot-7 Graham has made the goalpost dunk his trademark celebration.

    Graham responded to the news in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.

    Apologies if the formatting is off a little. Tried to edit it to fix it. Hope it's better now.

    But NFL and goodell strikes again. Pretty soon the new rule will be, if you score a TD, you have to write the other team an apology letter or 15 yard penalty

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    Re: NFL outlaws goalpost dunks as TD Celebrations

    I think this is a clear response to altering the goal post, and the delay caused by correcting it. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the new ruling.

    I only partially agree with the ruling. The penalty should only apply if the goal post is moved. If they are going to blanket change the rule, the Lambeau Leap should also be a penalty. And as much as I hate to say it, since they mentioned "Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that's the goalpost, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season.", anything more than dropping the ball, or handing it to the ref should be a penalty. That means no spike, no spinning the ball, nothing.


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    Re: NFL outlaws goalpost dunks as TD Celebrations

    This actually kind of reminds me of the ban on team celebrations following the Rams superbowl victory and the bob n weave. I feel like it's more sour grapes by the other teams than anything else. The goalpost incident seems like it's just a convenient excuse for passing it. Let the guys have some fun, how much does dunking the ball really hurt anyone?

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