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    NFL Play 60 Program

    Did you ever wonder if NFL players from the past did the NFL Play 60 program?

    Tommy:”My friends and I spent the day with Conrad Dobler of the St. Louis Cardinals to learn offensive line moves and to become more physically fit. Conrad taught us the importance of leading an active lifestyle and to not take crap off of anyone.”

    (Camera follows action) Dobler:”C’mon, you little donkeys, use those jaw muscles! You gotta bite down on that defensive lineman’s finger like you mean it.
    (loud motorcycle noise)
    Whoa! Did one of you little clowns fart in here?”
    Kid 1: "Not me!"
    Kid 2: "He who smelt it, dealt it!"
    (laughter from the group of kids)
    Dobler:"Why you little *******! I'm gonna plug your stinkhole with this football!
    (kids scatter)

    Hi, I’m Conrad Dobler for NFL Play 60. Get your rugrats off of their fat butts and outside playing or I will gouge out your left eye.

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    Re: NFL Play 60 Program

    That's hilarious

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