NFL | Reactions differ on NFL labor agreement
Sun, 26 Feb 2006 19:16:15 -0800

Mark Maske, of the Washington Post, reports there remains differing opinions on whether the NFL owners and the NFLPA can reach a labor accord. NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw has said repeatedly over the past 10 days that he is not optimistic that he can agree with the owners to an extension of the collective bargaining agreement before Friday, March 3. However, many people on the management side of the dispute remain hopeful that Commissioner Paul Tagliabue can complete a labor deal with Upshaw by Wednesday, March 1, then attempt to get owners to come to some sort of consensus on revenue sharing soon thereafter. One executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the owner of his club had not authorized him to talk publicly about the subject, said the owners are planning to meet March 6-7 in Dallas, and added, "Why have that meeting unless it's to approve a labor deal and do something about revenue sharing?"