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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    For the past few years, I have been spending a large portion of August of each year campaigning to get our local Fox affiliate to show all of the Ram's games. I always get the same response: "If it is a choice between the Chiefs and Rams, there are more Chiefs fans in this area, so the station management feels that...(insert lame excuse here)."

    Well, last night, I gave up. I called Direct TV, spent 10 minutes on the phone, and came out with a great deal. I've had the Total Choice package for 2 years, and have been happy with everything. Well, I am even happier now. Here's what I've got:

    Total Choice Plus package, 2 recievers, local channels: $48.99

    Last night, they added this:

    12 month discount for Total Choice Plus: - $10.00, making the cost $38.99 for the next year.

    Starz/Encore - 6 months free

    Showtime - 6 months free

    Sunday Ticket - 5 payments of $39.99. a discount of about $50.00

    Superfan - Free, a $99 value

    I tried to get a free DVR, but the rep wouldn't go that far. Still, I think I got a great deal, I get to see all the Rams games, and they bent over backwards to kiss my rear and make me happy.

    If you have DTV, and want to get a good deal, call the Customer Retention center, 1-800-824-9081. Ask what kind of deals they have. That's how I got this deal I have.


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    Re: NFL Sunday Ticket

    Holy crap dude, you robbed them! Niiiice!

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    Re: NFL Sunday Ticket

    I've had sunday ticket for 10 years now, i love it !!! and its the only way a Rams fan from Jersey can watch his team !!!


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