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    NFL's Blackeye turning into cancerous tumor

    At the turn of the century a storm began to brew over the use of steroids in baseball. Homerun records shattered, players bulking up, the MLB finally getting back alot of the fans they lost after the strike. A shady world unraveled as some of the games best were called into question by congress. We watched a corporation protect it's own interst as they let players cheat and deceive the public as to their "natural" ability to play the game. It seems to me the league knew since the 80's that this was a growing issue. Bud Selig in my mind should have stepped down after his long tenure as an apology to the fans for not taking on this issue early.

    Baseball will now forever be tarnished with the fact that people cheated and the league said keep it quiet the fans are filling the arenas to watch. As I watch Lance Berkman tear up the league I cant help but wonder if he's clean. When a-rod went on a tear last year I wondered if he was juicing. It is unfair to the players that are doing it clean to have that stigma attached to them. Unfortuantly they have no one to blame for this other then their peers and Commisioner Selig. A nasty secret always seems to surface sooner or later.

    Is the NFL heading down the same path as baseball with all this internalizing of information? Are the fans owed something more then a push under the rug?
    It's a treacherous path the NFL is walking down.

    2001 Belichick turned the Patriots around with a great coaching system. Tom brady had become unstoppable and was the golden boy of the NFL. This team came out of no where to capture the nfl title not once but 3 times in 4 years. We were all impressed with this team's offence and defence and their ability to always have enough to pull games out. I started to wonder myself if Tom Brady was the greatest clutch QB in the history of the NFL. Then STOP everything we have hit a wall. The leagues most hated team now had a real reason to be hated other then sour grapes. It seems they may have cheated.

    The league says it feels Walsh did not provide any new information. He did provide video of how it was done though. A small sample of cheating. Lets really think about this. The Patriots said were sorry we wont do it again. The league said Punishment served???? It seems to me the league is afraid to take the proper steps here. Belichick should be banned for life end of story. He may have used video tapes of the other teams signals in every game until he got caught last season. How many of those last second field goals would have never happened had he not known what the Defense was doing as he drove for the lead? The Raiders might have been victim to more then just a bad call in foxbourough. The Steelers might have been the legtimate AFC champions in 2001. There is so many what If's now that are gonna haunt teams that lost to the Pats in big games. Teams that may have missed the playoffs by one game with a pats loss on their schedules. Teams that lost to last second field goals in the biggest game of the year. Yes I'm talking about the Rams and the Panthers. How about Mcnabb who was once again a bridesmaid after a great season where he lead his Eagles to the Super Bowl.

    Belichick is saying now he did not know he was breaking a rule. If you were unaware you were beaking a rule then why try to cover it for so long? If you did nothing wrong why did you apologize a couple months back? He knows he cheated the league knows he cheated so suspension should be the only reasonable punishment. What he did was unexcusable. The league needs to take a hard stance on this. I find it to be quite hypocritical of the league to suspend players indefinatly for off field issues then smack the big dogs lightly on the hand for on field issues. Ricky Williams was suspended for smoking a little pott and hurting no one but himself. Belichick loses a 30th draft pick yet still has number seven from a trade? Belichick, a multi Millionaire, lost 250 grand alot of money for me and you but nothing to him but a minor annoyance. The league is in danger of coming across the same way baseball did with their big issue. They look soft. They look like they are protecting their own interest. The NFL has a commisioner who has taken a hard line on the rules and expectations of NFL employees. He has shown that he will not tolerate the nonsence that tarnishes the fine reputation of proffesional football. Well he did do these things until it was a Coach and prominent team owner that he would have to punish. Stope being a hypocrite Goodell!! Whats good for the players is good for the owners and coaches.
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