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C'MON THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! Finally a team that seems to be gelling at the right time and bang! Injuries. It is like the football gods are on the Patsies side. Everything is in place for them to gloat over their excellence with a perfect season. Their arrogance makes me sick.

Oh well I guess no more sports center for me at least til about March.
Yeah I know what you mean man, I feel the same way. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Here's to the Chargers, may they find a way to win! Don't underestimate their defense, Cromartie is as big a playmaker as you can have on D and we all know Merriman too. The San Diego defense has been making big plays all year (I had them as my fantasy football defense ) - maybe they have what it takes to slow down the Pats.

If there was any poetic justice in this world Brady would have broken his throwing arm long ago while he was in there going for it on 4th down while they're up by 30 points late in the 4th.