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    No more Football?

    In ESPN's Insider, I quote Adam Schefter...

    "One of the questions surrounding the impending showdown on the NFL's collective bargaining agreement (or lack thereof) is what happens with the NFL Draft in April. That's because so many things in the next CBA, such as a slotted wage scale implemented for draftees, will come into play during the negotiations.

    In his mailbag today, Adam Schefter is on the topic. The conclusion? Well, don't lose sleep just yet, drafthounds.

    "Believe it or not, there would be a draft in 2011, whether or not there is football," writes Schefter. "It's part of the current collective bargaining agreement, even after its expiration, that there will be a draft in 2011. A league official confirmed that for me and for you and for all the mailbag readers. So even if the games do not go on, the draft will."

    In other words, start lining up outside Radio City. It's never too early to form a line in New York."

    What does he mean by, "whether or not there is football"? Can anyone explain this whole situation to me?

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    Re: No more Football?

    I think he means missing a year of the NFL is possible, just like it happened with MLB and the NHL awhile back. I'm hoping the loss of fans that would occur because of a shortened or worst case missed season that both sides will work together to make sure this doesn't happen.

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    Re: No more Football?

    Quote Originally Posted by Varg6 View Post
    What does he mean by, "whether or not there is football"? Can anyone explain this whole situation to me?
    It's all to do with greedy owners, greedy players, greedy agents and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. All the details can be found via a simple Google search, as it is far too complex to explain in depth here.

    Quite simply, there's a possibility, however remote, that there may be no NFL season in 2011 if the various factions can't come to some sort of accord.

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