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    Officiating this past season...

    I have a few minutes here before I go to catch up with my best friend from high school. I haven't talked with him for 25 years. So, while I am waiting for the hot water heater to catch up, I figured I would have my say.

    The new uniforms worn by the zebras this year did nothing to hide their lousy eyesight.

    Rams fans were at the bad end of lousy officiating during several games this year, but we were not the only ones. In the majority of the games I watched (and with Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone channel, it was a lot) I saw a lot of 'non-calls', a lot of 'over-done' calls, and a lot of bogus calls. Probably the worst of all was the pandering to the NFL's 'pet' QB's.

    Hey, Zebras, I have a news flash for you. Football is a physical game. When a 350 pound defensive end, running at full speed, leaps toward the QB a half second before the QB throws a pass, it is impossible for said DE to stop in mid-air. He will hit the QB. Seriously, ask any high school physics teacher. Sometimes, the QB is going to get hit. Next time Brady or Vick or Manning gets knocked on his backside, think before you throw a flag. Ask yourself whether the defensive player could have avoided contact. I bet you'd find that the majority of the time, the defensive player couldn't have done anything to avoid the contact. Just look over at the little pansy QB, tell him that football is a man's game, so quit acting like a 'girly man'.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that you are supposed to be impartial. I believe that you should look the definition of that word up in a dictionary. I have asked around, and those who know football say that they thought Seattle benifited from 'non-impartial' officiating more than any other team. I'm not sure I agree, but I do think Seattle did get more favors from you than did teams like the Cards, Lions, etc.

    Someone (I wish I could remember who) suggested that the officiating of each game should be reviewed by an impartial group, and that the officials should be held responsible for their performance. Miss a blatant foul, get a big fine. Throw an unnecessary flag, get a big fine. I bet that the games would be officiated a lot more fairly once cash started disappearing from the pockets of the zebras who don't do their job well.

    Now, for my last point:

    I said football is a physical game. I know the zebras have to be 'in the action', but what genius thought a ball cap and a whistle would be enough protection when a 350 pound linebacker blindsides your butt? Seriously, I have seen 5 year old kids with enough sense to know that a helmet is a good idea when riding a bike.

    Then again, maybe if a few of them had some sense knocked into them (or some BS knocked out of them) it might not be a bad thing....but, no. Even I can't be that cruel unless it involves someone mistreating my family.

    Well, that's all the time I have for now. Discuss, I'll be back later.


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    Re: Officiating this past season...

    I believe Ernie Nevers had it in for the Rams this season.

    On another note, do not call out Ed Hockalee or he will kick your ass.


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