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    The Old Ball Coach in a New Game

    Has Joe Gibbs' legacy been tarnished with his return to Washington? This year has been an absolute disaster for the Redskins, with only one playoff win under the Joe Gibbs administration, has his undeniable legacy lost some steam? For that matter, has even Bill Parcells' illustrious reputation lost any admiration for his coming to Dallas? It would seem that the general public and the media expected for these two coaches to immediately turn their teams around and be in a mad race to the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl. Is it lack of talent in this age of parody that the NFL is gleefully locked in? Or is it maybe that the coaching styles of these two hall of fame coaches has become outdated in the modern NFL?

    I don't believe either of these men have lost any respect for what they accomplished in the past, either from their collegues or the fans, but neither of them seem very willing to adapt to the ebb and flow of free agency and the insurgence of more youthful and versitile players.

    Has the game out grown these men?

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    Re: The Old Ball Coach in a New Game

    In defense of Joe Gibbs. One thing you can say is that his teams always play hard. The other situation for me concerning JG is their QB situation. They went out and signed Randel El and AA to big contracts. Looks like they should have addressed the QB position instead.

    Bill Parcells seems to have made the right choice in benching Bledsoe. Thus the Cowboys are making their playoff run.


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