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    Pat Shurmur

    I know many people were confused by the inexplicable hire of Pat Shurmur as the Cleveland Browns' head coach in 2011 and I would just like to say that after painfully watching Browns games for the last several weeks because Josh Gordon is on my terrible injury riddled fantasy team, that Pat Shurmer is the worst head coach in the NFL.

    Shurmur did a good job in developing Bradford and did not have much to work with in having such a young and mediocre group of players at receiver but we all remember our frustration in his complete lack of creativity in playcalling and nothing has changed with him in Cleveland. Despite their record, the Browns actually have some talented players on offense and it is just like watching the 2010 Rams with the predictable offense and run plays on 3rd and long. He is also a remarkably bad game manager and makes questionable decisions every week that cost his team games.

    Although Sam regressed last year without a QB coach and with McDaniels at OC, I for one am very happy that Pat Shurmur is no longer coaching for the Rams and I think the Browns questionable hire was a huge blessing for Bradford and our offense moving forward.

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    Re: Pat Shurmur

    I would put Shurmur ahead of Jason Garrett.

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