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    Patrick Crayton?

    Just read that his agent has asked cowboys to release him before saturdays deadline...saw the article on rotoworld.. he would be a nice pick up for us if he is released

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    Re: Patrick Crayton?

    Knowing the Rams organization, they will probably get our hopes up, and then back off. For example: they pursued Owens and westbrook...neither were signed. has just posted an article that they are also backing out of a deal with Vincent Jackson. smh

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    Re: Patrick Crayton?

    Ahmed, yes they inquired about Owens and Westbrook, but the only one that I think they really went after is Westbrook, who bided his time until a better team lost a running back. Owens wanted too much money for what he'd probably bring to our team, as I can guarantee he wanted more from us than from the Bengals.

    As for Vincent Jackson, this is how I feel. No matter who we have at receiver this year, I doubt that we'll be making the playoffs. A trade like the one that would be required to get Jackson, now that we know exactly what the Chargers want(looks like a 2nd in 2011 and a 3rd in 2012) is one that is made to win today, not tomorrow. I would pass on him as well, at this point.

    Now, Patrick Crayton makes a fair deal of sense to me. He won't cost what Jackson requires either in trade compensation or in a contract. He's not as good as Jackson, but he's a solid player who would certainly raise our talent level at the position. I definitely think that we need to keep a close eye on the situation and need to jump on him as soon as he's available, if he becomes available.
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