The Seattle Seahawks' weak pass rush got a little worse Tuesday.
DE Patrick Kerney has announced his retirement, saying in a statement: "Despite the desire to continue my career, I am retiring from professional football.
"The toll that has been taken on my body will no longer allow me to train, and hence, perform, at a level that is acceptable to me."
A first-round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 1999 and a two-time Pro Bowler, Kerney finishes his career with 82.5 sacks, 24.5 coming in his final three years in Seattle.
Shoulder and chest injuries hampered him in recent seasons.
Seattle's 30th-ranked pass defense produced just 28 sacks in 2009 (5 by Kerney), and the Seahawks could target a pass rusher with one of their two first-round picks next Thursday. -- Nate Davis