Terrell is handling what's thrown at him
By Michael Felger/ Patriots Notebook
Saturday, June 11, 2005 - Updated: 09:05 AM EST

FOXBORO - If David Terrell represents this year's version of Corey Dillon - a talented player looking to unload his baggage and re-establish himself in a championship program - then it appears the free agent receiver has gotten off to the same solid start as the formerly oft-troubled running back.

In other words, the coaches have seen nothing but positive things from Terrell, who wore out his welcome after four years in Chicago and was repeatedly dogged by maturity concerns.

``I like a lot of things about David,'' coach Bill Belichick said. ``He works hard, he's very conscientious. He wants to know what to do, how to do it. He hasn't really missed anything since the day he got here.He's done everything he's supposed to do - all workouts and everything. And he's done a lot more.

``I think football is really important to him. And I think he takes a lot of pride in what he does, and I have a lot respect for that.''

On the field, Terrell's impact has yet to be determined. While Terrell (6-foot-3) has been noticeable as a size target amid the Pats' sea of undersized receivers, he appears to lack much of the quickness and explosion that players like Deion Branch and Troy Brown possess.

Still, Tom Brady has looked comfortable hooking up with his former Michigan teammate on several plays in the back of the end zone. The hope is that Terrell's presence will allow Brady to utilize a heretofore unseen weapon in the playbook: the fade pass.

``I don't think there is anything we wouldn't want to do if we felt like it was productive,'' Belichick said. ``I'm all for it. Fades. Curly-ques. Slants. Gos. Ins. Outs. I wouldn't discriminate on any of those routes.''

Line up for battle

The coaches tried out a different combination on the first offensive line yesterday, installing veteran Russ Hochstein at left guard (where rookie Logan Mankins played Thursday) and Tom Ashworth at right tackle (where Brandon Gorin took snaps the day before).

Be prepared to see more of that rotation, as Mankins vs. Hochstein and Ashworth vs. Gorin figure to be two of the most hotly contested training camp battles.

Klecko's on move

Dan Klecko, who made the conversion from nose tackle to linebacker last year, spent nearly all of his time at minicamp working with the defensive line. . . .

The Pats came to terms with seventh-round pick, and ``Mr. Irrelevant,'' tight end Andy Stokes on a two-year contract. . . .

Cornerback Hank Poteat, considered by many to be a fringe roster player, has been getting reps with the first and second units. Duane Starks and Tyrone Poole have been working with the second team behind Randall Gay and Asante Samuel.