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    Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    As much as the media wants this to be a great event for all fans to celebrate, my impression is that the average non-Patriot fan is treating this with a general "yeah, whatever" kind of reaction. Much like the Barry Bonds' breaking of the HR record, fans are not willing to overlook cheaters, whether or not their cheating directly resulted in the record they obtained.


    Hip Hip, Hoo-yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    I think it's going to be great when the Patriots lose in the playoffs. They've cheated, benefitted from generous officiating and have players(Moss) playing for nothing just to get a ring. Let's see how they look next year when Moss goes where the money is.

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    Yeah, put a nice big * next to that record. They were even convicted of their shenanigans against the Jets in the first game (and who knows how many previous games).

    It isn't even as unique as it's made out to be, if I'm not mistaken hasn't 3 teams had undefeated regular seasons (Miami, and Chicago twice I believe, whereas only Miami were also undefeated in the following playoffs)?

    If they can take the Superbowl (and I'm sure the refs will help them with that -again-) then hats off for that, in the end that's what counts the most. It would have been poetic justice had Tom Brady broken his throwing arm during one of those meaningless games when they had already locked up their playoff seed but still kept player every starter.

    They've played well, no question (Randy Moss should be league MVP, he made the Minnesota offense and now the Patriots offense what they were/are), but they've certainly got the help they needed from the refs too. In the Baltimore game they got a whole series of penalties to win the game, last night they got that bogus pass interference on Moss to start their comeback. Yawn indeed.

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    I just don't like the way they went about getting the records, running up scores keeping starters in for meaningless games. When Peyton Manning broke the record in the 15th game of the season he hardly played a down after that.
    Also people are saying that this patriots team is better than the 72 dolpins, i'd like to see how matt cassel would have down playing for 11 games, my guess is that they wouldn't have even won their division.
    If there is justice in the league the patriots will lose in the playoffs, heavily.

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    Poking someone in the eye is now a legal move when done on national TV in front of the commisioner, as long as you are in a pats uniform. Cameras on the sidelines? Same thing.

    All I can say is I hope Moss ended up with a bad hangover today and Brady ends up tripping over him and somehow ends up causing both of them to be out for the playoffs AND next season.

    I'm still hoping that Carriker and Wade end up introducing themselves to brady next year...when they help load him onto the stretcher.



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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    I think I am going to puke.

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    I hate the Pats, now that they have won 16 in a row. I can't wait too see them get beat by the Colts or Bolts. They don't look all that great too me, they get every call and then some.

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    Personally, I don't think it is anything to yawn at.

    To me, it is quite an unbelievable accomplishment.

    It has been 35 years since this has been done by any team. And it has been done in an era that was supposed to end such dominance.

    It is so unbelieveable it has led me to take a step back and take a long hard look at the NFL.

    I'm not advocating any kind of conspiracy, but it sure seems like the patriots have been afforded a lot of good fortune that escapes the rest of the teams in the league.

    I suppose the majority of the general population could not care less, but those who follow the NFL have to be scratching their heads a bit as to how this has happened.

    There have been some very good and very dominating teams over the course of the last 35 years and yet none of those teams were able to run the table during the regular season.

    Is this current patriots squad simply that far and above all the former great teams in the last 35 years? Boy, I sure have a hard time believing that and in fact I don't believe it.

    Starting with the end of the 2001 season the patriots success and the perfect timing of the subtle nuances surrounding that success been mind boggling.

    So mind boggling that it is UNBELIEVABLE!

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    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    The Rams had a chance to win their second Superbowl in 3 years in Superbowl 36 when the patriots charged down the field and kicked the winning field goal with no time remaining.Ever since, the patriots have been on an unprecedented run of success.

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    rams2061 Guest

    Re: Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)

    I have a feeling Indy will beat them in the playoffs.

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