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    Raze Guest

    The Pick That Shocked The World

    The pick that reverberated around the world

    1) Dolphins fans react to the Ted Ginn selection

    2) NFL Draft 2007, Miami Dolphins first round pick

    3) And another upset Miami fan

    ) And this is what the Dolphins missed out on - watch as Brady Quinn visits a cable morning news show and he throws a football down a NYC street and into a truck!

    **Just for Fun** this is the opening for ESPN's coverage of the 2007 NFL Draft

    Good Times!!

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    I'm just glad they took him so we didn't!

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    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    Dolphins by far made the worst pick of round one. I was laughing my butt off, until it occurred to me that there was a chance the Rams might do something crazy and draft Quinn...then I got scared a little...

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    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    To make things worse, Ginn will be held out of minicamp because his injury is still a problem and there have been rumors that he'll have to wear a protective boot for six weeks, then more rehab. Yikes!

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    Raze Guest

    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    Quote Originally Posted by smizzhfx View Post
    I'm just glad they took him so we didn't!
    I must admit going into the start of the draft I was a bit firghtened at the prospect of drafting him

    thank god for the dumb dolphins eh!

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    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    Bring back mercury morris! I believe that he is out of the slam and in shape.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: The Pick That Shocked The World

    Listen to the explanation from Cam Cameron...

    Do you even once hear him refer to Ginn as a receiver? No. "You're going to be thrilled every time you watch him as a punt returner, because he's going to be a great returner for us." Strange.

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