Team Player Selected Discussion
AFC South
Texans War Room Discussion:

Simply put, a player like Reggie Bush doesn't come around every year. The Texans offense has been a big disappointment, and after giving Davis a new contract he hasn't performed up to his expectations. Bush can be used in numerous different ways and there just isn't another player in this draft worth top pick value.
NFC West
[IMG]*****.gif[/IMG] ***** War Room Discussion:

Julian Peterson hasn't been playing as well as he has in the Niners new defensive system, and the LB play overall has been poor. Ahmad Brooks has the most potential of any LB in the draft, and a team like this would definitely be willing to take a flyer on that potential. Without Bush on the board, there was numerous other options, but Brooks best fits their needs.
AFC East
Jets War Room Discussion:

With Cedric Houston looking better every week, and either the possibility of Bollinger or a veteran FA being the starter next year, a giant need for the Jets can be fulfilled with this pick. The Jets OL is full of people nobody has heard of, and has been abysmal nearly all year. D'Brick has been touted as one of the better OTs to come along in recent years, and should solidify enough protection for their QB.
NFC South
Saints War Room Discussion:

With Aaron Brooks being benched and likely cut, the Saints will try their luck with a different style of QB, and Leinart is the prototypical pocket passer. He possesses great touch, poise, and leadership on a team that badly needs it.
NFC North
Packers War Room Discussion:

The Packers need another playmaker on their defense and someone who can get sideline to sideline to make plays. AJ Hawk fills that role with his great speed and instincts and should work well in the GB system.
NFC West
Cardinals War Room Discussion:

A franchise QB is something the Cards have lacked for a long time and Young fits the Denny Green type of QB (big, strong armed, mobile). The Cards have great receivers and Young would be given every opportunity to succeed.
AFC East
Bills War Room Discussion:

Last year a strong point for the Bills, their run defense has severely suffered this year. With Sam Adams getting older, and no one else beside him, the Bills desperately need another big body on their DL. Ngata is a great run stopper and also possesses the ability to explode off the line into the backfield.
AFC South
Titans War Room Discussion:

After a surprising year by Vanden Bosch, he'll likely find greener pastures, leaving the Titans DL greatly lacking a pass rushing force once again. Mario Williams is a great playmaker and excels in every aspect of play.
NFC North
Lions War Room Discussion:

In order for the Lions QB (whoever that may be) to succeed, they'll need protection. McNeill has ended his career at Auburn with 41 straight games without giving up a sack and also possesses the big body to clear lanes in the run game.
AFC West
Raiders War Room Discussion:

Kiwanuka is a rare talent that has the potential to be a true force at DE. He combines great work ethic with freakish physical talent and can dominate games at times. Alongside Burgess, the Raiders DL could be a force to reckon with.
NFC West
Rams War Room Discussion:

With Adam Archuleta becoming a free agent, probably 9 out of every 10 NFL fans couldn't name a single player in the Rams secondary. Their play on the field hasn't exactly warranted being remembered and badly needs someone back there to anchor their play. Williams can play both CB or S, and has great size and speed.
AFC North
Browns War Room Discussion:

Romeo Crennel doesn't have many playmakers on that defense, particularly on the DL, and Wright could work well as a 3-4 DE. He boasts prototypical size with good acceleration and football smarts.
AFC North
Ravens War Room Discussion:

With the Ravens likely switching their defense up again, they need another playmaker in the secondary alongside Reed. Demps has been their weak link for years and Bing can now solidify their secondary.
NFC East
Eagles War Room Discussion:

While Trotter excels in MLB play, the Eagles desperately need a solution at OLB where Jones, Adams and Simoneau have struggled. Greenway can play both the run and pass well and provides more stability for a defense that has severely dropped off.
AFC East
Dolphins War Room Discussion:

In order to get the full potential out of Ricky and Ronnie, the Dolphins need to upgrade their personnel on the offensive line. Winston blocks both the run and pass well, and should also help out the QB play.
NFC North
Vikings War Room Discussion:

The Vikings OL play has been abysmal this year, and should take much of the blame for Culpepper's poor play at the start of the year. In order for Daunte to succeed, he needs adequate time in the pocket and Scott is the prototypical pass-blocking tackle. He's very quick on his feet and should definitely improve this dire need.
NFC South
Falcons War Room Discussion:

The Falcons have really struggled in their DB play, particularly safety, where they've tried numerous different players, but none working out. Huff gives them the versatility to play either S or the CB opposite Hall, which is also a big need.
AFC West
Chiefs War Room Discussion:

Although their run defense has improved for the most part, the pass defense of the Chiefs is still lurking near the bottom of the league. They aren't getting any younger back there, and need a true shutdown corner opposite Surtain, who has had an off year. Hill has set records at Clemson for both passes broken up and interceptions and should definitely improve their porous pass defense.
NFC East
Cowboys War Room Discussion:

Bledsoe isn't the long term answer, and has had his usual lapses at times this year. Henson and Romo likely won't ever amount to much, leaving the Boys with a gaping hole in the middle of their offense. Cutler's stock has been shooting up, and could be the one to lead Dallas back to the playoffs.
AFC West
Broncos War Room Discussion:

The ageless wonder Rod Smith doesn't have much left in the tank, and youngsters Lelie and Watts haven't been producing as well as hoped. Hagan is a big target who knows how to come down with the ball and should help Plummer continue to play well.
NFC South
Buccaneers War Room Discussion:

Strong LB play is a key in Kiffin's defense, and behind Brooks, there isn't much. Ryans is a smart, instinctive player who can get from sideline to sideline and should help out immediately.
AFC East
Patriots War Room Discussion:

With Rodney Harrison's future uncertain, the Patriots are left with at least one glaring hole in their secondary at SS. Landry is a great playmaker who has the big-hit ability of Harrison, and should boost Belichick's schemes back to the top of the league.
AFC North
Steelers War Room Discussion:

The Steelers love to run the ball, and their success really rides on the effectiveness of the run game. With The Bus wearing down, Pitt needs to look into getting a new horse they can ride, and White suits them perfectly. He has the size the Steelers look for in their backs and possesses good speed as well.
AFC West
Chargers War Room Discussion:

One of the biggest reasons the Chargers weren't able to make the playoffs was their awful pass defense. With the addition of Zemaitis, they can continue to make strides to fix that problem, and in turn become more of a complete team.
NFC South
Panthers War Room Discussion:

The Panthers can't pass up the value of Williams here, and they are a run-first team who has been lacking that great back. Williams has great potential and should boost the Panthers offense greatly.
NFC North
Bears War Room Discussion:

In order for the Bears to take the next step, they need to add more weapons to that offense. Lewis is a big target who always finds the open spot on the field and should be a great help to the QB play which desperately needs to improve.
AFC South
Jaguars War Room Discussion:

A great run stopping defense, the Jags are still missing defensive backs to cover opposing receivers. If Allen can get back to his 04 form, he adds versatility and is a complete defensive back who can take control of that defensive backfield.
NFC East
Giants War Room Discussion:

Umenyiora has been a big surprise, but the Giants are still missing DTs to go along with their threatening DE combo. Wroten can stop the run and rush the passer, and will provide stability to a constantly changing DT group.
AFC North
Bengals War Room Discussion:

The Bengals DL definitely needs an upgrade, and Hali is a great start. He can play every aspect of the position well and is a hard worker that should fit right into Marvin Lewis' system.
AFC West
Broncos War Room Discussion:

Putzier isn't much of a weapon, and the Broncos were a true force on offense back when they had Shannon Sharpe. Davis has rare physical attributes, and is a scary matchup for any defense.
NFC West
Seahawks War Room Discussion:

The Hawks don't really have any great WRs to begin with, and they are all getting older. Holmes has the ability to stretch the field vertically, and should continue to make that offense stronger.
AFC South
Colts War Room Discussion:

With Edgerrin James likely finding greener pastures elsewhere this offseason, the Colts will definitely need to find a cheaper solution at RB. Maroney has put up great stats at Minnesota, is a home-run threat, and has good strength for his size.