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    Rambitious Guest

    Talking Pray

    Let's all say a prayer for the people that lost their lives in the recent disaster, as well as for their families.

    God Bless!!

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    Include the military in every thought and breath, because they will need all your support.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    My positive thoughts and energy go out to all affected by this.

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    My deep respect...

    Not being a citizen of this country, I nevertheless have a deep respect for it, the USA.

    My wife was born here --and our first child. Our daughter was born in Mexico, like me. We've been living in Oregon since 1995. I love history and I've learned a lot about many of the aspects of this country, of its own history, its privileges, and its people.

    It was every bit as challenging as it was offensive for me to see the filthy, stupid, vile attacks against this nation two weeks ago. It affected my family and it affected my soul. It has left an indelible impact in my mind of sorrow and sentence ...for I owe much to this country. And I am grateful for its freedom and for the opportunities it graciously extends to everyone.

    I salute the people of the USA, I support the core philosophy of its government, its military forces, the constitution ...and... I appreciate the sense of future she, the Lady of Liberty, entrusts in all of us that wish to live here in goodness and with honor, even in the realm of entertainment, of sports ...that is, even in the pleasure of supporting a professional team of American football, the St. Louis Rams.

    My prayers, my family's prayers are certainly lifted with all the victims in mind befallen from the recent tragedies of terrorism. We continue to pray to God regarding the consequential effects worldwide, for this is a grave situation which transcends many borders. And justice must be served. But in justice too, suffering will never cease.

    Yes, we pray for wisdom, understanding, strength and mercy. May the leaders of this great land be blessed in these times of terrible challenge and difficulty.

    Thanks Rambitious for the invitation to express my sincere thoughts here. Thanks to RamDez also and ClanRam friends /warriors.

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