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    Pro Bowl Falls On Hard Times: A Lost Cause?

    Pro Bowl falls on hard times: A lost cause?
    08:03 AM ET 06.01

    Hawaii, New Orleans or the moon, how does one fix the Pro Bowl? "I don't think you can," Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey told "I don't have any thoughts on that," Bills general manager Buddy Nix added. One NFL general manager, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, pleaded: "Just cancel it now, please." The NBA, Major League Baseball and NHL have found ways to make their all-star games interesting and entertaining for fans. Yet the NFL fails to hit the mark year after year with the Pro Bowl. To be blunt, the game is no longer relevant. The consensus among NFL coaches and front office executives surveyed at the owners meetings is that fixing the Pro Bowl is a lost cause.

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    Re: Pro Bowl Falls On Hard Times: A Lost Cause?

    It's not a lost cause, there are models they can easily adapt. They just don't care.

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    Re: Pro Bowl Falls On Hard Times: A Lost Cause?

    The most obvious problem with the Pro Bowl in its current form is that the players have very little to play for. They could at least put some money for local charities at stake or something. The decision to take players on the championship teams out of the game just makes it even more of a mockery. The Pro Bowl is only unsalvageable if the owners just can't accept the price of making it relevant (elevating the intensity of the game probably would lead to more injuries).

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    Re: Pro Bowl Falls On Hard Times: A Lost Cause?

    I think that the Pro Bow is more for the fun of it. And more for just playing a little I agree with you Goldenfleece. As they should be putting the money to some worthwhile causes.
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