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    QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    December 29, 2004

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. Ė Kurt Warner believes he can and will be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

    QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.
    Eli Manning is the Giantsí starter. Therefore, the Giantsí Sunday night season finale against the Dallas Cowboys could well be Warnerís final game in a Giants uniform.

    ďVery possibly,Ē Warner said today. ďI think everybody would foresee that being the case. Who knows whatís going to happen? You never know what the future has in store and what could transpire. But I think thatís everybodyís thought process right now.

    ďI want to be somewhere starting next year. They know itís not here with the New York Giants. And they understand my point of view 100 percent.Ē

    Warner, who was signed as a free agent on June 2 after a record-breaking six-year run with the St. Louis Rams, started the first nine games of the season. The Giants were 5-4 in those games and Warner completed 62.8 percent of his passes (174 of 277) for 2,054 yards, six touchdowns and four interceptions. Warnerís quarterback rating of 86.5 still ranks seventh in the NFC.

    After a 17-14 loss in Arizona on November 14, coach Tom Coughlin named Manning the new starting quarterback. The first pick in this yearís NFL Draft Ė and a player the Giants obtained in a trade of draft choices, including this yearís first round pick -- Manning was the quarterback of the future. The only question was when that future would arrive.

    Since it did, Warner has played just once in relief, an appearance in a hopelessly lost cause in the fourth quarter of a 23-point defeat in Baltimore, where he led the Giants to their only offensive touchdown.

    Throughout what could have been a difficult or uncomfortable position, Warner has carried himself with dignity and grace. He has helped Manning whenever possible. Warner has publicly advocated that Coughlin stick with Manning, even when the youngster struggled, and it seemed he might have a shot to play again. And Warner has never hidden from the media. Today he entered the locker room and said, ďDoes anybody need me?Ē

    While Warner is an exceptional gentleman, he is also an intense competitor. It is that fire that helped him win two NFL Most Valuable Player awards and twice lead the Rams to the Super Bowl, including a victory five years ago. At 33, Warner insists he has plenty of good football left in him, a notion that was cemented in his own mind by his play early this season.

    ďIím not going to be content, right now in my career, where I am and what I believe I can do, being a backup next year,Ē he said. ďItís just the bottom line. Itís nothing against the New York Giants, itís nothing against the situation, the coaches, the organization. I love my year here. But Iím not content being a backup. I think I did things this year, I won games this year, I did the things that I needed to do play good football and to win games, and Iíve proven that I can play and start in this league.Ē

    Warner was asked if the Giants are aware of his situation.

    ďI donít know the whole situation in the organization,Ē he said. ďWe havenít sat down and talked about it. But I donít think thereís any question that they know my feeling and my thoughts about being a starter in this league. Anything I say in my comments has nothing to do with this organization or the coaches or the players or what happened this year. Itís just that I believe Iím still a starter in this league. Until I change my thought process and decide that Iím going to be a backup, Iím never going to be content sitting on the bench. And itís not right now. I havenít resigned myself to that fact yet.Ē

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    I have one thing to say. actually two things to say. Norv Turner & Raiders.

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    I take it you posted this in the wrong forum....

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    I have one thing to say. actually two things to say. Norv Turner & Raiders.
    You have the right division, but "Shanahan" and "Broncos" are the words you're looking for.

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    if Warner conceeded that he is no longer a starting quality QB in this league.. why not come back as back-up to the rams!!! i.e. we have a vacancy

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    Here's where we could see him:

    San Francisco

    These are all teams that could possibly have an opening or want someone to challenge their (pathetic) starting Qb's. Chicago looks kind of interesting with Lovie, but they might be happy with Rex (although I wouldn't be).

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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    Raiders: Nope. Collins has proven himself and gotten better as the season has rolled along. He's not the problem in Oakland and they have other options in place already for the backups.

    Broncos: A longshot, but Shanahan (I think) is fed up with Jake's up's and down's. He always seems to pull a bone-headed play. I've also heard rumors that Shanhan would have taken Warner if the timing was different before the year.

    Miami: A decent possibility. Mentioned by Warner as one of three teams that are early possibilities. Too many changes going on at the top right now to make a solid guess though. Who knows what Saban is going to do once he get's there. Are there any LSU qb's floating around out there?

    San Francisco: I would say no. They're still in the process of re-building and I think are fairly happy with Rattay (and his low salary) and Dorsey. Both have shown potential under poor playing circumstances so I wouldn't guess that Donahue (Erickson might be gone) will give up on them yet.

    Arizona: Logically, all the pieces make for a perfect fit for Warner. Up and coming offense with lot's of potential fire-power. A coach who's actually getting things turned around (slowly) and a warm climate to play in. Add to that the storyline that would accompany playing the NFC west and it seems like a great possibility. I just have a gut feeling that he's not on Denny's radar.

    Dallas: So far, this seems to be the strongest possibility (not to say that it is a strong possibility). Warner has mentioned Dallas as a team he's looking into. Vinny T. is considering retirement. Romo and Hensen are way too green to be leading the Cowboys under Parcells and they play in a dome/warm weather. But, like Arizona, Parcells hasn't shown any indication that Warner is a possibility. In fact, Parcells had a chance to get Warner before this year and didn't so I don't know that I'd count on him giving Warner a shot now. It's possible but it doesn't seem like it'll happen.

    Chicago: More connections that make it seem feasable for Warner to sign on (Lovie) and the lack of depth at qb all point to Chicago being an option. Of course, I think Warner will be as picky as possible when it comes to evaluating the team's offensive potential and I would think that the Bears wouldn't be a good fit for someone wanting to win some games. I don't watch the Bears enough to know for sure but their offense hasn't been good for a loooong time and I don't know that Warner would want to go from the Giants straight to the Bears. A wr that could outrun a nosetackle has to be on Warner's wish list at this point so I'm skeptical of Chicago landing him.

    It's going to be very intersting to see who will offer Warner a chance to win the starting job but in the end I think it will be a surprise team that he goes to rather than an obvious choice like Chicago, Miami, etc.

    *Looking at the list I just posted I forgot to mention the Lions as a strong darkhouse for Warner. With McMahon being an UFA and never getting a real chance in Detroit, I think he will be gone from the Lions (maybe the Rams? I would love to see him in blue & gold). Harrington has been falling out of favor in my opinion and Warner would love to play in the domes of the North (8 in detroit plus 1 in Minnesota. 9 dome games a year would probably be desired by Warner and his thumb) as well as distribute the ball to Rogers/Williams/Hakim/Jones. The Mooch connection from his San Fran days makes it all the more intriguing.
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    Re: QB Kurt Warner is set to leave the Giants and become a starter for another NFL team.

    Here's list of qb's that might be floating around this offseason to add to the speculation (I stole this off of the BBWC mb, thanks to whoever compiled it).

    Kordell Stewart UFA Ravens-decent backup on Ravens, does not complain, knows the NFL
    Kelly Holcomb UFA Browns- has started and won recently in the NFL
    Mike McMahon UFA Lions- very interesting player may look for a team with a verteran QB were he might get some more time(ie Cleveland, St. Louis, New Orleans)

    these others are the very definition of journeyman career backup QB
    Todd Collins UFA Chiefs
    Damon Huard UFA Chiefs
    Gus Frerotte UFA Vikings
    Ty Detmer UFA Falcons
    Jeff Blake UFA Eagles

    2004 FREE Agent QB's

    Shane Matthews UFA Bills
    Jim Miller UFA Patriots
    Sage Rosenfels UFA Dolphins
    Josh Harris ERFA Ravens
    Kordell Stewart UFA Ravens
    Kelly Holcomb UFA Browns
    Charlie Batch UFA Steelers
    Tony Banks UFA Texans
    Matt Mauck ERFA Broncos
    Bradlee Van Pelt ERFA Broncos
    Todd Collins UFA Chiefs
    Damon Huard UFA Chiefs
    David Rivers ERFA Raiders
    Drew Brees UFA Chargers
    Mike McMahon UFA Lions
    Rick Mirer UFA Lions
    Craig Nall RFA Packers
    Doug Pederson UFA Packers
    Gus Frerotte UFA Vikings
    Shaun Hill ERFA Vikings
    Josh McCown RFA Cardinals
    Matt Hasselbeck UFA Seahawks
    Brock Huard UFA Seahawks
    Ty Detmer UFA Falcons
    Rod Rutherford ERFA Panthers
    Vinny Testaverde UFA Cowboys
    Jesse Palmer UFA Giants
    Jeff Blake UFA Eagles
    Tim Hasselbeck ERFA Redskins


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