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    Question about Mike Martz

    Hi Everyone. I am a visitor from the Detroit Lions Message boards( using the same name there "Falkes."
    We were talking about Martz has been signing and dropping receivers like they are nothing this season and the question was posed if he did the same thing when he was here? Is this common for him? We have rotated so many WR's this seasons it's a joke. Im curious as to what you guys could tell us about his days there. Thanks a lot. I really like this board. You all seem to be intelligent football fans.

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    Re: Question about Mike Martz

    I don't recall him rotating a significant amount of the WR group, simply because this unit has been well established for some time. With Holt, Bruce, Curtis, McDonald, and Looker, there really wasn't much room for him to play around for a while. Before Curtis emerged as the #3 receiver we had a couple of guys rotating in to try and make an impact, but the Rams have been set in that department since. Whereas in Detroit, it doesn't sound like that's a strong unit up there, so I can understand him wanting to try and find someone who works and testing out different players to see if the answer is out there.


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