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    Question Question about our QB's

    Is Paul Justin still on our roster on the injured reserve? Will he be healthy enough to be the backup next season or is he done? I like the guy, Martz REALLY likes the guy, hopefully our backups will continue to improve.

    Also, wanted to give my two cents and say that we are wasting a player by not playing Justin Watson. Why do they play Holcombe over him? Watson could really help our offence, they could use him as an H back in the slot, or at tailback or fullback.

    Go Rams,
    Give Watson the d@#$ ball!

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    You know, this is something that has bothered me. Why not give Watson a chance, I thought he played good football (a bit like Dickerson)

    Inside sources tell be that he has pissed Mike Martz off hence he aint getting the ball. :upset:

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