Patriots @ Broncos
How could any Rams fan root for the Patriots? I, for one hope that the Broncos blow out the Pats, and I think they might just do that. Prediction: Broncos 34 Patriots 20.

Steelers @ Colts
This one will be ugly. The Steelers D will not slow down the Colts offense much, and the Colts D will stop Big Ben and company. I'm torn on this one. I think that Dungy, Manning and the Colts are due, but I still have a soft spot for Jerome Bettis. Prediction: Colts 27 Steelers 10.

Redskins @ Seahawks
The Redskins defense will slow, but not stop, the Hawks' offense. The Skins have very little offense, though, and won't be able to score enough. Its time the Hawks end their playoff drought. Prediction: Seahawks 23 Redskins 16.

Panthers @ Bears
As a Ram fan, I want to root for Lovie Smith. But, if the Bears were to get eliminated, the Rams could lock up Ron Rivera sooner. In the end, though, the Bears should advance. Prediction: Bears 17 Panthers 13.