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    Randle El vs a bear ...

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    Re: Randle El vs a bear ...

    I discussed it long and hard with my housemates, it all depends on the acceleration of the bear. But i think the player would beat the bear

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    Re: Randle El vs a bear ...

    That's a tough one. Randle El's main advantage must be his agility - not knowing anything about bears I still can't imagine they can change direction the way a small speedy guy can with all the weight they carry around. The main problem is when he outmaneuvers the bear once (which I believe he could do) and gets behind the bear he can't see exactly where it is anymore. He's going to have to avoid a straight-line footrace and try to zig-zag as much as possible - but it could be very tough once he's behind the bear being chased since he can't really see it. He would need an amazing 'sixth sense' of when the bear is going to pounce on him so he can dodge it right before it happens.

    I'm afraid my money would be on the bear because it would chase him down from behind once he got past it faster than he would be able to avoid it with a slick move because he doesn't have eyes in the back of the head.

    A bear's natural position I think would be defensive tackle - a real pass-rushing threat inside that'll split the O-line and go right for the QB. Could any 2 O-linemen in the league working together give the QB 3 seconds in the pocket with a single bear pass-rushing (the bear wouldn't be allowed to do anything other than a normal pass-rusher - i.e no biting, no headslaps etc.)?

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