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Thread: Redskins watch

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    Redskins watch

    So I'll make this thread dedicated to the Redskins and their progression throughout the season. From the look of things this first week, RGme-me-me is primed to have a sophomore slump and if he struggles throughout the season, we could get a top 10 pick.

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    Re: Redskins watch

    tonights game

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    Re: Redskins watch

    Coming off an injury where he wasn't able to play in any preseason games and then playing exceptionally well in the second half - not exactly proof of a sophomore slump.

    He took a lot of hits in the game and kept getting up. Some of those hits were pretty large. Won't be shocked if he's knocked out of a few more games this season. Look at the number of seasons where Vick played 16 games (1).

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    Re: Redskins watch

    I thought RG3 did not look ready to play. He looked like he was not throwing the ball with good fundamentals not sure if that was due to his lack of practice or the knee. When he went to run which was not often, he looked like he did not have the track start explosion. The option will not work until he proves he can and wants to run it.

    He did play better but that was after the Eagles went into a soft zone or prevent defense. Talk about a big game week two. Packer 0-1 vs Skins 0-1. The Packers just spent the week getting ready to stop Kap. now they have to stop RG3.

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    Re: Redskins watch

    Well the Packers destroyed the Redskins today! More than 300 passing yards in the first half by Rodgers. Also Redskins allowed the first Packers 100 yrd rusher in 45 (!) games. Their D looks really bad. Last week they gave up 33 pt to the Eagles.

    Most of Griffins stats came when Packers had a big lead, I without having seen the game I guess with a lead like that you let him bet some room to throw. Doing some prevent defense.

    Keep up the good work Washington! That would make me so happy.

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