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    Question Reffing the refs: is it "official?"

    Any thoughts on how the NFL's lockout of the Refs will affect the game?

    Is it official -- pun intended-- that Arena league striped-shirts will work in lieu of the regulars?

    Just imagine a questionable call is made that may determine the outcome of a game. Riots ahead? Chaos?

    I understand it may be only for a few weeks, is this correct? As they say, "should be interesting to watch!" :rolleyes:

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    I can not believe that the NFL would take such a risk. If a player were to get hurt or some call were to go badly wrong, I can see EVERYONE second guessing them.

    Seems nuts to me.

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    Are we going to get some o' them Scottish Football Hooligans?! ;-)

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    I'm going to try to look on the bright side. The new refs have been doing it for years, though in college, and football is football. The NFL is just faster. Plus a few little rule changes. But many coaches aren't really that worried. Wouldn't it be funny if the replacements did a great job? Then not only would the NFL tell the refs to shove off, all those threats about never being in the NFL...the replacements would BE THE NFL!!

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