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    RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    Though an*initial report*suggested Robert Griffin III had partially torn both the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral cruciate ligament (LCL) in the world's-most-talked-about right knee, ESPN's Chris Mortensen now says sources are telling him the damage is in fact worse: Griffin actually sustained a total tear to both ligaments, and he will undergo reconstructive surgery in just a few hours.
    Atleast its the off-season and he will be ready for the season opener at the earliest ... oof... I feel bad for the kid. Don't think he will survive in the league much longer unless he becomes a typical qb now.

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    Re: RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    6-8 months of recovery time is not a reasonable expectation if he in fact completely tore both his ACL and his LCL. My guess is that he did not suffer a complete tear of his ACL and that is why the timeline is 6-8 months. Mortensen is probably confused by the fact that RG3 is having reconstructive surgery, but that does not necessarily indicate a complete tear.

    Total speculation on my part.

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    Re: RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    From my own experience, I can tell you that, in some cases, it takes longer to come back from a partial tear.

    The reason is, with a complete tear, the surgery creates a new ligament, which is strong enough to take heavy rehab within a week or two. If its a partial tear, and they try to save the ligament by sewing it up, it takes longer to get to a point at which you can really put pressure on it through rehab (in the long run, its better to have your "original parts").

    I'm not a Dr. (I just play one on the internet), but I would say that 6-8 months is optimistic.

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    Re: RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    Sad news for RGIII. He is a tough kid. Hopefully the Redskins will work him into a new offense. I hope he does well in recovery.

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    Re: RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    From listening to NFL radio on my way into work this morning, they had a caller who is a doctor, or so he said. He talked about how the MCL and the LCL can heal on their own for partial tears, but the ACL actually cannot. Where it is within the knee, it's not in a position where the tear can repair itself. So in the case of a partial ACL tear, RG3 would be permanently weaker until he tore the whole thing. Of course, that doesn't mean that James Andrews doesn't have some kind of cool new procedure, or that he didn't go in and tear out the ACL completely and then fixed it.

    Another point I heard today was about why RG3 can't rehab like Adrian Peterson and be ready to go for the start of the season. Well, first, he has two less weeks. Second, Peterson was driven beyond driven. That isn't to say that RG3 isn't, but Peterson was a man posessed and was a freak of medical nature. Third, RG3 plays a very different position than Peterson. AP is always going forward, with sharp lateral cuts from time to time. RG3 is going to be going backward, laterally, twisting, and throwing. He has a very different requirement for what is needed to be successful.

    I foresee him starting the season on the PUP...
    I believe!

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    Re: RGIII to have total reconstruction of knee.. out 6-8 months

    By Marc Sessler

    Because Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams was mic'd up for Sunday's 24-14 wild-card loss to the Seattle Seahawks, we now have a firsthand look into Robert Griffin III's painful evening.

    The Redskins' rookie quarterback left the game in the fourth quarter after twisting his right knee during an attempt to gather an errant snap. Griffin's injury led to Wednesday's surgery to repair damaged lateral collateral and anterior cruciate ligaments, but debate still exists about when RG3 was first hurt.

    Redskins coach Mike Shanahan argued his quarterback was injured on the play before the errant snap, but Griffin first was seen hobbling around in the first quarter, after a rollout that led to an incomplete pass. Griffin tossed a 4-yard touchdown strike on the following play to put the Redskins ahead 14-0.

    Sometime after that drive, Griffin and Williams shared this private conversation that's now public, thanks to NFL Network's "SoundFX," which will air Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. ET:

    Williams: Are you sure you're all right, bro?

    RG3: Yeah, I'm going to be safe.

    Williams: You tweaked it when you were trying to back up?

    RG3: Yeah, my foot kind of went wah-wah.

    Williams: Did that shock you a little bit?

    RG3: Yeah, scared the (expletive) out of me (laughs).

    Williams: All right, be smart.

    RG3: I will. I promise.

    In the end, of course, it didn't go well for Griffin. His doctor stated Wednesday he expects the electrifying passer to be ready in time for next season. That's the expectation in Washington, and that's the hope for Robert Griffin III.

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