ESPN is reporting that rhonde barber is retiring after 16 seasons. Barber is in my very top group of most respected guys we have competed against over the years. Right up there with John Lynch, Adrian Wilson, Walter Jones, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and a handful of others. This guy played hard every down of his entire career. He was a HOF caliber guy and a great leader. Never a prima donna, always a great example of what being a professional is all about. I will never forget that he actually gave Steven Jackson the nickname that i have always used for him "Big Boy.' While miked up in a monday night game (i believe in Jackson's rookie season), Barber is grabbing Jackson and pulling him down as Jackson is dragging the pile and Barber is yelling "Whoa Big Boy!!!!!"

Best of luck and ramming speed to Rhonde in all his future endeavors.

ramming speed to all

general counsel