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Thread: a rough sport

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    a rough sport

    Who else has been following the the Little drama going on in Pittsburger with H. Ward and him getting fined for "excessive" hitting?

    As it seems there is too much protection going on in the NFL for certain possitions. Some I can aggree with but most I don't.

    I aggree NO player ought to be targeted for special attention, like the QB after an interception. The way I see it is if the QB is still in the play trying to make a tackle, then he is fair game. But if he isn't in the play he ought to be afforded the same protection as any other player.

    Personally, WR/TE/RB out in the flats ought to have "some" protection, like no shot at the knees, or leading with the helmet in a tackel. Also if they are on the ground only a touch ought to be allowed. But after that, launching or any other hit above the waist but not above the shoulders would be fine.

    I blame the over commercialization on this PROTECTION trend. How many players ahve come and gone into the league? Some have left the NFL in a bang others in a whimper, and some left on a stretcher. How much does the NFL share in merchandice sales anyhow?

    Further I know its hard to have a top knotch QB, and near as bad as having an excellent number 2. Still one can blame that on WIN AT ANY COST NOW strategy 98% of teams employ. Back in the 80s/90s there was J. Montana and S. Young lurking in the wind.

    OF late Green Bay had a happy situation where they groomed A. Rogers stepped in for Favre.

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    Re: a rough sport

    I have never understood why it was permissable to 'punish' a player already on the ground.

    GO RAMS!!

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