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Thread: A rule change the NFL should consider.

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    A rule change the NFL should consider.

    Here's an idea that's been floating around in my mind for a while.

    I think the NFL should have a one-week period in December during which trades can be made.

    Here's my thought on this...

    At this point in the season, about half the teams in the league are either fighting for a playoff spot or gearing up for a run at the Super Bowl, while the other half is starting to think about next year.

    If the top teams were provided with a window to make trades, they might be willing to grab veterans in exchange for depth players or draft choices.

    For example... if the New England Patriots thought they needed a receiver to make a run now that Gronk is out for the year, they might be willing to make a serious offer for a guy like Andre Johnson. For Johnson, it would be an opportunity to get off of a bad team and have a shot at a championship. For Houston, it would be an opportunity to leverage a player like AJ for significant compensation (i.e. a first round draft pick).

    From a fan standpoint, that one-week market would be awesome. Fans of contenders would be dreaming of acquiring that last piece, while fans of teams at the bottom of the league could find hope in the prospect of obtaining draft choices (and, potentially, clearing some cap space).

    What do you think?
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    Re: A rule change the NFL should consider.

    Talk about adding more "Our FO is absolutely brain dead" posts to the forum world. This would make things interesting for the fans of teams not going to the dance, and would cause some excitement for fans of teams with a few key needs, but I am not sure it is a good idea.


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    Re: A rule change the NFL should consider.

    interesting idea, another week for teams to screw themselves or pat themselves on the back for a good trade lol

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