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    Rush to get T.O. and McNabb to kiss and make up


    RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, you know me. I mean, you've listened to this program -- many of you here -- since its inception on August 1st of 1988, and others of you have no doubt been listening long enough to know one thing about me if you don't know anything else, and that is that I'm a uniter. That is that I believe in fairness; I believe in compassion and understanding and bringing people together. I want people to agree with me. I have a desire that the people of this country be unified. I like to heal rifts out there, and there's a huge rift that has developed here on the eve of the National Football League season -- and somebody needs to do something about it. It's occurring with the Philadelphia Eagles. As you know the head coach, Andy Reid (news), has banished the star receiver Terrell Owens ( news | website ) to his home in New Jersey until at least next Wednesday. Owens wants a new contract. He came into camp acting a little childish, pouting, not speaking with other teammates, not signing autographs, and finally Coach Reid had had enough. It's a team game. T.O. was not interested in that. He's pouting, trying to get more money. The Eagles insist you play for what you agree to play for or you don't play. (summarizing) "We're not going to redo your contract. We're not going to trade you. You either sit out or you play but no change in money." T.O. is now lifting weights and shooting baskets at his home in New Jersey with helicopters flying around all over his house, and he goes out and lifts weights and does pushups and stuff.
    <A id=0002> Meanwhile, the latest development is that Donovan McNabb has told T.O. to stop talking about him. The leader of the Philadelphia Eagles, the quarterback, Donovan McNabb (news | website), says, "I'm not troubled by what T.O. is doing, but I don't want to hear him mention my name. If anybody is going to talk about me, it's going to be me." This rift cannot be allowed to continue, ladies and gentlemen. It just can't, and I would like to offer this program as a means of getting these two Americans and star players back together. They may not want to talk to each other face-to-face, but perhaps they would join me on this program and speak to each other telephonically via this program and settle this. It's silly. They're adults. They're being paid millions of dollars to play, basically, a game. I know it's a high-risk game injury-wise, but the length of time they have to make big money and play this game is limited because it's athletics. They're squandering opportunities. They came very close to the Super Bowl last year, and I know Owens has a problem with McNabb about that, he "got tired" at the end, but I think it was a very unfair comment -- and these two people need to get back together, and I would like to facilitate that if possible. If Donovan McNabb and Owens would like to appear on the program -- not in studio, but telephonically, Owens from his basketball court in New Jersey and McNabb from the Eagles training camp or wherever he wants to call from -- I would be more than happy to broker this and put these two guys back together, for the sake of the Eagles, for the sake of the NFC East, and for the sake of the National Football League. I mean, it doesn't need this kind of stuff, with us being on the verge of the National Football League season. I just wanted to put it out there; let everybody know that I've made the offer, and it is a beautiful thing, and I'm standing by. I'm ready.

    You know, it's a tough thing to get on this program. We don't have guests. I seldom invite people on this program. You know, when the guests appear on this program it's because they've called and groveled and said they've got a book or a movie or they've got some issue they want to talk about, but seldom do we have them. I mean, I think this year alone we've asked one person to come on the program -- well, two, Bernard Goldberg and Rick Santorum, and then that's it. So this is a rare opportunity that's being offered here. I see Mr. Snerdley is laughing in there. I'm deadly serious about this. This is childish. It's ridiculous to see all this going on. The people of Philadelphia, you ought to see. I've been reading the papers. People have turned against T.O. They don't like T.O. This is not good for the Eagles. Yeah, they're really down on T.O. "T.O., go home," or whatever they're saying -- and he already is at home! So I just wanted to make the offer and let everybody know I'm serious about it, and this program is available any time Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens would like to avail themselves the opportunity for an impartial arbitrator to sit here and put these two guys back together -- at least sufficiently so that they could perform at peak level during the season. (interruption) Yeah, T.O. did say that Andy Reid told him to "shut up," and that his name is Owens, and nobody tells him to shut up. I'm not trying to broker anything here between T.O. and Andy Reid. Andy Reid is the coach of the team. He's in effect the boss of the team. You know, that's for T.O. and Andy Reid to work out. I would not intrude on that relationship. I mean these two guys, the same thing: they're players. They're both players. I know Donovan is a quarterback, the leader of the team, but this is not good for Eagles fans. We care about Eagles fans. We love Philadelphia on this program. I've been to Philadelphia for some of the most memorable moments in my life, so I owe the city -- and I'm serious. If somebody wants to spread the word, I'll sit here eagerly awaiting some sign that the two warring factions here are willing to avail themselves of this really unique and not-very-often offered opportunity.

    <A id=0007>RUSH: Tacoma, Washington, we'll start with Larry. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

    CALLER: Hey, Rush, nice talking to you.

    RUSH: Thank you.

    CALLER: Hey, I think your love for football's gotten in the way of your common sense of fair play and ethics. You know, in my opinion, T.O. is just nothing but a punk. He's one step below an average NBA player for common sense and good class. He's -- you know, Donovan McNabb, on the other hand, is a classy guy. He took your comments on ESPN in the context that you portrayed them in, not the way the liberal media tried to portray it. They basically gave you the Jimmy "The Greek" job on that deal. So, you know, he doesn't understand the word "contract"? What is a contract? That's a binding agreement between two people, and he wants to renegotiate his contract. I'd like to see him pay back half his money if he didn't have a good season. I think Minnesota [sic] did the right thing by getting rid of him. He's a clown. He should be out of the sport. He's a great athlete, but he's a clown. He's a punk --

    RUSH: Hang on here! Two things. I want to address the NFL contract situation, and I also want to address your reference to T.O. as a "punk." T.O. is a child of God. He's a human being. He obviously -- I think people on the left would say he's engaging in "a desperate cry for help." I am here to offer and to assist. I can. I could bring these two guys together. I've been there, folks, and I could do this, and I'm serious in my desire to do it. As to NFL contracts, the players have a point. Folks, don't think this is sports discussion. This is an employment issue here and this is going to be an economics lesson for you. So, please, for those of you who hate sports, try to still listen to this and don't tune this out. The National Football League is one of the most well-run and well-structured business models that has franchises in the history of this country, and they have managed to have peace up 'til now with the players union since 1983 -- and it was the last work stoppage they had, 1982 or '83, strikes, maybe it was '81, but early 80s, and the way they've done it, they were wrong about one thing. They thought free agency and players traveling from team to team would tear down the cohesion of teams and loyalty to fans, and it has done just the opposite. But in the process, free agency has also created a disparity of pay within a team. It is impossible to understand this, to accept this. I have heard this from four different NFL owners: it is impossible to lose money in the National Football League, primarily because of the amount each team gets from television, radio and other marketing venues. It's impossible to lose money in the National Football League.
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    Re: Rush to get T.O. and McNabb to kiss and make up

    Rush is taking McNabb's side.I guess ole Rush is still trying to mend that fence.LOL


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