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    Saints vs Colts Superbowl Replay

    I am watching a replay of Super Bowl XLIV on ESPN2 and they have Sean Payton mic'd up. Absolutely enlightening. No indecision on the onside kick to open the second half, and after they recovered it I heard something that Steve Spagnuolo would never say, "Lets press the gas pedal down".

    Now I love Spags and I don't want him to go anywhere, but I feel he needs a strong offensive coordinator to put the pedal to the metal and finish teams off if we want to close out some of the close games.

    I can understand the conservative philosophy this year, with a rookie QB throwing to practice squad receivers, but if we are going to take the next step he needs to let the offense loose and stop counting on his exhausted defense to hold onto games.

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    Re: Saints vs Colts Superbowl Replay

    This is just my opinion, but maybe a valid one. Payton has been there how many years? He has made the team his own, his own offense etc. would he have been saying that when they were the whipping boys of the nfl? Obviously he knew what his team are capable of, and he knew what his high scoring offense can do, are we anywhere near that point yet? I dont think so. Playing conservative has its advantages whenever the team is young / growing. Perhaps in a few more seasons we'll be seeing Spags go all out for the win, but he will always trust his defense to get the job done if need be!

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