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    Salary Cap: team by team

    Team - Cap status

    Arizona Cardinals - $23.4 million under
    Atlanta Falcons - $7 million over
    Baltimore Ravens - $22.5 million over
    Buffalo Bills - $6.4 million under
    Carolina Panthers - $7 million over
    Chicago Bears - $11.9 million under
    Cincinnati Bengals - $10.2 million under
    Cleveland Browns - $8.4 million under
    Dallas Cowboys - $7.3 million under
    Denver Broncos - $8.8 million over
    Detroit Lions - $400,000 under
    Green Bay Packers - $500,000 under
    Houston Texans - $61.5 million under
    Indianapolis Colts - $1.2 million over
    Jacksonville Jaguars - $27.7 million over
    Kansas City Chiefs - $3 million over
    Miami Dolphins - $16.9 million over
    Minnesota Vikings - $6.3 million over
    New England Patriots - $86,000 under
    New Orleans Saints - $6.29 million over
    New York Giants - $11.6 million over
    New York Jets - $19.4 million over
    Oakland Raiders - $19.5 million over
    Philadelphia Eagles - $16.4 million under
    Pittsburgh Steelers - $9 million under
    St. Louis Rams - $3.8 million under
    San Diego Chargers - $7.86 million under
    San Francisco ***** - $1.2 million under
    Seattle Seahawks - $1.6 million under
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - $8.1 million over
    Tennessee Titans - $22.5 million over
    Washington Redskins - $11 million under

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    Unhappy This is sad

    This salary cap thing is a necessary evil. Baseball better adopt it or it will be the Mets playing the Yankees and NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT BASEBALL outside of NY. This coming from a Cardinals fan that used to be able to recite the starting lineups of every Cardinal team from 1964 to 1987.

    Anyway, this salary cap is what keeps the NFL the best league in pro sports. Every year, most teams have hope of the playoffs if not the Super Bowl. Baseball has NY and everyone else. In a way, I see Steinbrenner's point. "If I wanted to buy the Kansas City Royals I would have. I bought the Yankees. You bought the Royals. Why should I share?" The reason: outprice everyone, and no competition means no sport. Baseball, its a free for all. Football, everyone has the same fenced in area. Baseball, people know that the Brewers have no shot. Football, couple FA's and the Packers are back in it. Same market.

    Go figure.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I totally agree. Baseball will continue to be flawed as long as Steinbrenner and Selig are in there. It's just not worth watching any more. Until the league starts getting hit in the wallet no one will care.

    Salary cap in baseball and hockey is very difficult to maneuver but is DESPERATELY needed in both sports. The problem with both is the constant calling up and down of players to the minors to fill roster spots. If the brain trusts really sat down to hammer it out it could be done, but what chance is that gonna happen.

    Remove the anti-trust exemption and let the Royals and Cardinals play in the World Series!

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