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    Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    Martz looking for work again
    Posted: Adam Schefter
    Tags: Mike Martz, Mike Singletary, San Francisco *****

    San Francisco brought back coach Mike Singletary, but it decided Tuesday not to retain offensive coordinator Mike Martz, a league source said.

    The two sides — the ***** and Martz — met Tuesday morning to finalize the arrangement that many expected. They still were finalizing it Tuesday afternoon as another league source said it was “99.9 percent” certain that Martz would be gone. It’s not that Singletary didn’t like Martz; he did. Others within the organization did not want Martz to coach San Francisco’s offense moving forward.

    Now Martz is on the street again, for the second straight year. Last year, he and Detroit parted ways, and now he and San Francisco have done the same.

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    Re: Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    From Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

    Martz has NOT been fired . . . yet

    If Mike Martz has been fired as ***** offensive coordinator, it is news to him.

    I just spoke with Martz and he said he is sitting in his office, drinking coffee. Yesterday, he went through a player-by-player personnel review and began looking at ways the club could improve in 2009.

    Martz said he did not meet with any team officials this morning, including head coach Mike Singletary. He said he is supposed to meet with Singletary at some point today.

    After I relayed news of the NFL Network report that stated that a league source is "99.9 percent certain" Martz is out as offensive coordinator, he seemed to concede that he will probably get fired by the end of the day.

    But Martz is extremely confused about the way everything has been handled. Martz praised Singletary, saying his relationship with him is "outstanding." He said Singletary has been supportive of him.

    However, he said he was taken aback on Christmas Day when he saw a report flash across the TV that he would be fired.

    "I don't know why this is happening," Martz said. "But I'll move on. There is a way to do that stuff. When the season is over, you go do what needs to be done. But don't drag me through the thorn bush."

    "Mike is a good man and a good coach," Martz said. "I looked forward to coming back here, but I understand the situation."

    Martz said he does not have any kind of relationship with team president Jed York or general manager Scot McCloughan. He said he never got to know either man.

    According to Martz, Jed York told him during the interview process in January that he didn't want him hired as offensive coordinator. Then-coach Mike Nolan made the call to hire Martz. As for McCloughan, Martz said he never had a conversation that lasted more than two minutes.

    "Neither one wanted me here," Martz said.

    He added: "I have no bitterness. It's hard on your family to go through a week of speculation. I'm not sure I understand it."
    Rumor has it that Singletary wants to keep Martz, but Jed York and Scot McCloughan want him out and that giving Martz the axe is their call and not Singletary's. I find that strange, since Singletary supposedly has final say on all coaches written into his contract.

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    Re: Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    via Rotoworld:

    Report: ***** cut ties with OC Mike Martz

    NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the ***** have decided not to retain offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

    Details are still being finalized, but it's "99.9 percent" certain that Martz will gone. Mike Singletary reportedly wanted to keep Martz, but others in the organization no longer wanted him running the offense. Dec. 30 - 1:56 pm et
    It will be interesting to see what team he ends up at.. what team would take a chance on his high-flying offensive scheme?

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    Re: Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    I'd love to see Martz come back to St Louis, maybe that's what is needed to get Bulger back to his best

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    Re: Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    You need a VERY STRONG front 5 for his schemes to work, and we a FAR from that. His schemes get a QB injured if the front 5 cannot block for 10 seconds. It also requires a RB that can block before going into his pattern, and then have good hands. I am not too sure Jackson can fill that role.

    He is also too inflexible to tweak his schemes to fit the players, or what the defense is throwing at him.


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    Re: Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran

    Why would anyone want MM back with the Rams?

    ...his offensive schemes are not effective without the right pieces in place, and the Rams don't have the pieces to MM's puzzle. No, it would be a bad idea to bring him back.

    Apparently, the only person who thinks MM is an offensive genius, is, ....well, Mike Martz.

    The man does have a way of wearing out his welcome in a very short period of time, wherever he goes. Next stop for Mike?

    ..let's hope he goes to the Raiders.

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