In a shocking development yesterday, Shaun Alexander was late for his own news conference and commended for his tardiness by Koren Robinson, whose car won't start but he apparently will.

Alexander's status is in doubt for Saturday's playoff opener against St. Louis. A Seahawks spokesman said the egotistical tailback is listed as questionable with a stabbed back.

Then there's the alleged knife-wielder, Mike Holmgren, who continues to baffle by supporting Robinson, his irresponsible problem child.

They've become the slapstick Seahawks, a team that can't cover receivers or point spreads. Since starting out 3-0, they are 2-11 against the number in their past 13 games, including 0-7 at Qwest Field.

Don't feel sorry for Alexander for falling 1 yard short of the NFL rushing title -- what about the poor saps who had the Seahawks minus-6 and lost on the last play?

Words of advice -- liquidate everything and take the Rams plus-4. If you think the Seahawks' secondary is going to stop Marc Bulger and Torry Holt, you're as delusional as Holmgren when it comes to Robinson.

The Go 2 Guy has a hard time criticizing the Seahawks coach because he has earned sacred-cow status for no other reasons aside from owning two dogs and seeming like a generally good man who puts up with my nonsense.

But it's time to turn on Holmgren for not being able to see through his transparent player. I gotta hand it to Robinson, though, for pulling herds of sheep over Holmgren's eyes.

In his most recent screw-up, Robinson either missed a team meeting on New Year's Day or was late for it, or more likely just blew it off, earning another one-game suspension, giving him six for the season.

He said he had car problems. Let's just play along and assume he was telling the truth -- at least the world was a safer place with Robinson at home given his reputation for being a highway menace.

That day when he was cited for going 105 mph in a 60 mph zone -- I guess his rig fired up then.

This nonsense has been going on for more than three years. Robinson buffaloed Holmgren before they even met.

In one half-hour search of the Internet yesterday, I found telltale clues that guaranteed Robinson's nightmarish potential.

They weren't little clues -- they were flashing in neon, impossible to miss. Before the 2001 draft, in which the Seahawks selected Robinson with the No. 7 overall pick, the P-I's Clare Farnsworth wrote:

"North Carolina State's Koren Robinson is collecting so much baggage he's starting to resemble a pack mule rather than a thoroughbred receiver."

That's because the general studies major was suspended three times at North Carolina State for being late to team meetings or missing class.

Coach Chuck Amato used to ask Robinson's mother for help when her son got into trouble.

And how about these pre-draft comments from Wolfpack receivers coach John Holliday: "Physically he's ready to make the next step. But you worry about a kid who hasn't had anything his whole life, and all of a sudden he's got all this money in his pocket. Being as young as he is, you have to wonder, 'Can he handle all the things that go along with it?' "

Robinson has responded with a resounding "no," audible to everyone but Holmgren, who drafted him anyway because he liked his size, supposedly soft hands and ability to run after he caught the ball.

One mistake, fine. Two mistakes, all right. Even three mistakes, double-secret probation. But umpteen mistakes? And he still gets another chance?

Holmgren needs to remember that Robinson isn't the son he never had, he's a player on his team and should be treated accordingly.

In other words, it's time to send the mule packing.

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