It must be a personal thing for Holmgren
I believe that coach Mike Holmgren did a great disservice to the fans, the Seattle area, the franchise, and the offensive line by not giving Shaun Alexander the opportunity to score and at least share the rushing title.

How many touchdowns does Alexander have from 1 to 3 yards out? Quite a few. Coach Holmgren put an already injured Matt Hasselbeck at further risk with the quarterback sneak.

Why would Coach Holmgren want to screw Alexander? I don't know, but I believe it was purposeful. It had to be. Holmgren must be a happy man: winning the game and a playoff spot, plus stopping Alexander one freakin' yard short!

And everyone thought Holmgren was tracking Curtis Martin's and Alexander's yards to make sure Alexander won the rushing title? Obviously, quite the opposite.

I know -- winning the playoff spot for the team overshadows the personal goal. But you still should be able to recognize when you're getting screwed.

Too bad, Seattle. Good luck to you, anyway!

David Ring

Hawks would be fine without Alexander
Shaun Alexander is the classic spoiled, pampered athlete who still believes it is all about him. He cried when he felt the fans were too hard on the team. Shaun has been laying the groundwork all year to make his exit.

I, for one, will be glad to see him gone. As the Denver Broncos have proven, it is just as much the system as it is the running back. I can recall a couple of games this year when on third down he couldn't make a simple yard. How many times this year did he simply run out of bounds instead of turning up field? How many times did he lose focus and get the ball poked out from behind?

Shaun, I won't miss you or your attitude.

Tom Wood

Holmgren's 'cute' calls ruin great day for Hawks
Just another snub of the great running back! Holmgren and his cute offensive calls cost Shaun, his entire offensive line and fullback Mack Strong lifetime bragging rights of winning or helping win a rushing title.

And Holmgren doesn't even have the guts to say he messed up? This is as bad as former Bears running back Walter Payton not scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl years ago. At least coach Mike Ditka now says that was one of his biggest mistakes he ever made.

Thanks for ruining a great day, Mr. Holmgren!

Steve Blackman

Alexander needs to be a team player
Just tell Alexander, that crybaby whiner, that it seems to me I read an article that he was going to be a "team player" this year. Besides, how many fumbles has he had that COST the team a game?

Donna Schnack

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