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    Rhew Churyll Guest invites members of ClanRam.

    Itís never too late to start the discourse for the upcoming game on Sunday. I invite everyone from ClanRam to come by over this week and enjoy some friendly banter. Of course we do have our HOEDOWN for anyone that wants to talk a little smack, however we do ask that any member of this forum follow the rules that applys here at ClanRam over at main forums.

    Of course there will be some slip ups everynow and then and some mud slinging back and forth, but our MODS will stay on top of things and keep everything civil.

    Hereís to a good game on the 15th with NO injuries and GO HAWKS!!!!!!

    P.S I hope this is in the right forum. If needed, let me know which forum to put this in.

    Thanks, Rhew Churyll

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    Rhew Churyll Guest

    Re: invites members of ClanRam.

    THoey has came by and showed some competitive spirit....where's the rest of ya's?

    Come by guys!!!!

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    Re: invites members of ClanRam.

    Errr ok I'll come, screw homework.


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