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    SI's Silver has a good idea?

    I just read this story....kinda makes sense. The Saints were not going to be in NO for long even before the Hurricane hit, and if this idea was to be implemented in the right way, it would help the NO area economy for years to come.
    My revision of the idea:
    Tear down the Superdome. The League and each team should contribute some amount to build a new stadium in the area. The city that ends up with the Saints franchise should already have a stadium in place:instead of a new stadium in the Saint's new home, they should use that money in part to help rebuild in NO.
    Instead of millions of dollars trickling in each football season from the local NO economy, a weeklong Superbowl bash would pump well over a hundred million dollars into the NO economy, but the money would be coming from all over the US. This would allow the local money to go to the effort of rebuilding, not entertainment. The stadium would also be used for other things, such as concerts, etc., which would also generate money. In the future, when the population of New Orleans can focus on things other than recovery from this disaster, the NFL can give preference to an expansion team to the city. The Saints name and records should belong to NO, much as took place with the Browns.
    I know this is not a total solution, but it is a way to give the city a boost economically, allowing them to focus on rebuilding thier lives, and giving hope to the future.

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    Re: SI's Silver has a good idea?

    I think thoughs are all good ideas,but a football team is way down the list in prioities for N.O.I hope the Saints do well this year for a moral boost.That would be great for the people to have something to cheer about.
    If the Saints leave N.O.I think the city should keep the the name ala Houston and cleaveland.
    Now what would the Saints be called and where would they go?
    How About Baton Rouge Banjos
    Shriveport Shine comes to mind.
    I wonder if they would keep the same colors.
    In my opinion,I think they should use other stadiums on a temp. basis untill they can return to the Big Easy.


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