So, I'm waiting on my girlfriend to show up and I think to myself.. Who the hell was that Oklahoma State WR that blew it up? Bigger than Dez Bryant, Blackmon, etc. Woods, I thought. So I looked it up. Rashaun Woods - long story short, he got picked in the first round by the 9ers and went on the IR, never doing anything ever.

But more to the point - when I looked at the 2004 draft just to see where he was taken, I couldn't help but think.. What if the Raiders passed on Gallery? Jesus. Go to wikipedia and type in 2004 nfl draft and you'll see what I mean.

Essentially, the Raiders had this at QB - Tuiasasopo, Andrew Walter, and (starting) Kerry Collins. The year of the QB is upon them. Manning, Rivers, and Roth are all essentially available via trade (Manning) or draft (Rivers, Roth)

MAN! History could have been altered forever if they'd decided to take any of the three. Raiders could be playoff bound year in, year out.

Anyway, just a thought. Started by looking for Woods and ended by looking at the results of the Raiders. :-)