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    stop endzone celebrations?

    :clanram: i noticed that the nfl wants to stop the current endzone celebrations. from what i read they say that it is to stop the delaying of the game, the player cannot use the ball (except for spiking), props or pylon in any way and avoid having a player disrespect their opponent. i think that some celebrations are hilarious (chad johnson, riverdance), and some are serious dis (T.O. standing on dallas star). the problem i have is that there are way too many celebrations by ALL players on EVERY PLAY who are doing what they are paid to do, not just the recievers in the end zone. D-lineman makes a REGULAR tackle (he runs up the field screaming, beating his chest), cornerback deflects a pass (does the lambeau leap), kicker makes extra point (does a cartwheel), linebacker makes a REGULAR tackle (calls his agent, wants more money), special teams player makes a tackle (points to the sky and runs through the tunnel), QB completes a 2 yard pass and points to the sky and busts the robot move), team scores winning td and (cheerleader does throat slashing move to opposing fans section) this "LOOK AT ME" attitude is what kills the game and takes a hell of alot of time. i don't want to see all the celebrations killed, just not have one by EVERY player who makes a play. ray lewis is the perfect example of a dude who has a choreographed move for every tackle he makes. i totally admire the guy who scores and hands the ball to the ref, a class act.

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    Re: stop endzone celebrations?

    I like the end zone celebrations and wish there was more of it. After all ,certain nfl positions are measured on td's scored among other stats when Hall of Fame candidates are nominated. I used to love the Rams led by Marshall Faulk doing their celebrations during the GSOT years.
    There is nothing more rewarding in football than scoring a td no matter how it happens. hone:
    Let the boys be boys !!!



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