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    Story-lines I can't wait to see this year

    Rams new begging with with Fisher. Can't wait to see this team!

    The Redskins, they are playing for our draft pick, well that's how I see it. The Rams will always be connected to RGIII due to the trade, watching him play will be very interesting to say the least.

    Whiners, is this the beginning of a great run for the whiners or was last year just a one and done.

    Jets, TEBOW! On paper this looks like a train wreck. How long will it take before the Jets make the move to ground chuck.

    Denver, Manning it's going to be strange to see him in that gear, but the bigger question is how will he play.

    Patriots, I always want to see them lose, but now that McD and Lloyd are there nothing has changed still want them to loose.

    Jags, Blackmon so close but yet so far. I could all but see him catching passes from Bradford. I still will keep an eye on how he plays, wish him the best.

    Browns, Brandon Weeden after watching a lot of Blackmon kinda really like Weeden story. He seems like he is ready to play day one. having Trent in the backfield will also be interesting to watch.

    These are a few I'm looking forward to watching anybody have any others outside of the Rams?

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    Re: Story-lines I can't wait to see this year

    You mentioned a couple of great ones that appear on my list as well...

    -How will the Rams do under Fisher?
    -Are the ***** a one-year wonder?
    -How does the Matt Flynn experiment go in Seattle?
    -How does Greg Schiano do as a first year coach in Tampa?
    -Can Cam Newton remain successful?
    -What the Saints do in the wake of Bountygate
    -I want to continue following past picks I've really liked (Blackmon, Suh) to see how they progress
    -How does RG3 do in Washington?
    -How will Tony Romo screw the Cowboys this year?
    -Will the Raiders falter with Carson?
    -Peyton as a Bronco... can't wait.
    -Andrew Luck in Indy, how does he do in season one?
    -Will Jake Locker take the starting job in Tenn?
    -What's going on with Mile Wallace and the Steelers?
    -How does the monster-on-paper Bills DL perform?
    -Tebow in NYC, look out!

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    Re: Story-lines I can't wait to see this year

    This is what makes the NFL so great, always a plethora of intriguing storylines to watch play out. 2012 is no exception. I can't wait.

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