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Thread: T.O To Miami?

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    Milan Guest

    T.O To Miami?

    Palm Beach Post - Speaking about Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens on Tuesday, Dolphins coach Nick Saban left the door open about his interest in acquiring the controversial wide receiver during the off-season.

    "I think we're interested in anybody who would make our team better," Saban said on ESPN Radio's The Dan Patrick Show. "Guys who have been proven playmakers in this league are all people we would be interested in."

    Saban said he didn't know whether he was willing to make Owens his next reclamation project like he did with running back Ricky Williams and wide receiver David Boston but Saban noted it might be worth the research to find out.

    "(That) can only be brought about by a lot of conversation and getting to know someone," Saban said. "I don't know this particular player well enough to make that determination right now, but it's something we might be interested in in the future."

    This marked the first time Saban spoke directly about Owens, since league rules prohibited Saban from commenting about acquiring another team's property. That changed when agent Drew Rosenhaus was granted permission by the Eagles to seek a trade for the wide receiver.

    Rosenhaus refused comment about the possibility of Owens joining the Dolphins.
    He'd make the Dolphins a lot better.
    A friend of mine hates T.O but loves the Dolphins so it's going to be interesting for me if this trade happens.

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    Re: T.O To Miami?

    These are not Don Shula's Dolphins!

    They are starting to look more like Raiders East (Lawrence Philips, Ricky Williams and now Terrell Owens)

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    bruce_wannabe Guest

    Re: T.O To Miami?

    idk care just as long as he goes to an afc team and doesnt have a chance to beat us

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    Welker83 Guest

    Re: T.O To Miami?

    Actually the Dolphins Current Bad Boys are:
    David Boston: Assaulting a Boarding Agent
    Randy McMichael: 2 domestic assaults
    Ricky Williams: Drug Posession/Child Support
    Channing Crowder: 2 Fights at same Club
    Matt Roth: Fought an ENTIRE bouncer squad
    Traveres Tillman: Excessive Speeding/Racing

    The miami Poster Boy is Sammy smith: Broke into a Girls apartment while he had a broken Leg and was on probation. He did it to watch her sleep, her boyfriend woke up and ran him down the street.He got 15 years, and will have to go back to Bama for his probation violation...

    The reason i brought these up is Saban is willing to gamble on players with these pasts. He says you get a clean slate, except that his slate is written in stone and he will fire you quick no matter what.

    That being said i highly doubt TO comes to Miami...but heres the breakdown none the less

    Rosenhaus: 30% off all miami players are his... He has a good standing with the club. Changed a little this year as Nick booted all agents out of the family sections on the practice field.

    TO likes miami, thus he might be willing to take less.

    To knows his next stop is his last: whether its for 1 month of 5 years is up to him.

    Cons: There is no workable contract for him. An incentive contract would NEVER work for him. If you thought he was crying bout the ball before, then just wait till it's stapled to his paycheck. No one wishes to pay him market value, or even take over his present contract. The only real option is a Roster Bonus almost every week. Makes him cutable at any time. Of course TO and R are not dumb. That gets rid of the longterm security of the contract.

    Saban did not say he was looking into TO. He said he will consider ANY player than can make a contribution to his team. Most of us all feel the same way, we want him on the field, but dont want the TO thats off of it.

    I personally see no need. We have Chambers emerging as a legitimate #1. and Marty Booker and Wes Welker are no slouches. I want some young guys drafted in for development, but thats it...

    I say No to TO...


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