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Thread: T.O. VS Witten

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    T.O. VS Witten

    Posted by Michael David Smith on December 13, 2008, 11:37 a.m.
    The drama around the Dallas Cowboys is not going away.

    The Star-Telegram is reporting that wide receiver Terrell Owens and tight end Jason Witten had “a near altercation” in the locker room on Friday. Citing two unnamed sources, the paper reports that Owens and Witten exchanged words before being separated.

    However, both players acted like everything was fine when reporters entered the locker room.

    Asked if he was cool with Witten and quarterback Tony Romo, Owens said, “I’m cool with everybody. We addressed everything. Coach addressed everything. Everything is everything.”

    Witten added, “Obviously I have a lot of respect for Terrell and I think it’s the same way. He’s a hell of a player.”

    The “near altercation” happened after a team meeting in which Cowboys coach Wade Phillips told the team to focus on Sunday’s game against the Giants and avoid outside distractions.


    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: T.O. VS Witten

    Hmm. I wonder if that meeting went something like this.

    Phillips-Ok Boys we need this game big time in order to stay in the playoff hunt.

    T.O.-Well if we want a chance to win coach I need at least 20 balls thrown my way cause I love me some me.

    Witten-If your mouth ran less and your hands caught more you might get the ball more.

    T.O.-Coach Witten is picken on me and Tony pays more attention to him on the field than me. Don't make me not talk to you guys like I did Mcnabb in Philly.

    Witten-You couldn't keep from talking if my fist was in your mouth.

    T.O.-Oh you want to try me? You dont know how big my mouth is it's been known to swallow an entire teams chemistry in just one season.

    Phillips-Come on you guys don't anger T.O. he might cry and do sit ups on camera again.

    T.O.-I love me some me.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: T.O. VS Witten

    I don't feel sorry for the Cowboys,they knew what they where getting with that jackass Owens and I hope the Giants lay a major smackdown on them tonight and knock them out of the playoffs.

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