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    Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Posted by Michael David Smith on August 20, 2008, 12:21 p.m.

    Tatum Bell opened the 2007 season as the Detroit Lions’ starting running back. But after carrying 15 times for 87 yards in Week 1, he was gradually phased out of the offense, and he was inactive for every game after the Lions’ Week 6 bye.

    Bell places the blame for that on one person: Former Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

    “I am glad Martz is gone and you can tell him I said it, too,” Bell tells the Detroit News. “I think he played me. He was not honest with me as a man or as a coach and my position coach [Wilbert Montgomery] didn’t have anything to say either. Nobody was telling me stuff.”

    Although Bell is far from the first person to complain that Martz doesn’t run the ball enough, he seems to minimize his own role in the Lions losing confidence in their running game.
    “I was so happy to get out of here after the last game,” Bell said. “Playing for Martz last year I hated it. You don’t understand how hurt I was sitting on the sidelines and not getting that many carries. I mean, I started the season with like 15 carries and then I got like five carries against Minnesota. I know they are a good run-stop team, but that shows you we’re scared of them. That ticked me off. How many starting running backs do you know get five carries in a game?”

    The truth is, Bell carried nine times for 14 yards in the game against the Vikings. Martz isn’t the only offensive coordinator who would stop short of giving a running back a 10th carry if he totaled 14 yards on his first nine carries.

    So far in two preseason games this year, Bell has 12 carries for 17 yards. Bell might be right that Martz wasn’t honest with him, but with Martz now gone, Bell might want to consider that his biggest problem isn’t his coaches, it’s himself.

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Unless he turns on something they didn't see last year, I don't foresee this being anything new. The kid from (UCF?) will give him a good enough run for his money.

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Tatum bell is not a good runner. IMO so he is trying to blame everybody for why he sucks.

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    I remember when martz was the head coach and Jakson play 10 or at best 15 carrie by game. One year after a probowler is born. Martz is a one way man and Bell can be a great runner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    “I am glad Martz is gone and you can tell him I said it, too,” Bell tells the Detroit News. “I think he played me. He was not honest with me as a man or as a coach and my position coach [Wilbert Montgomery] didn’t have anything to say either. Nobody was telling me stuff.”
    Well now Bell is gone, too. Doubt Martz will be calling him up for a free agent visit any time soon.

    And get a load of this...

    Johnson accuses Bell in luggage theft; Bell calls situation misunderstanding news services

    Updated: September 3, 2008, 7:28 PM ET

    ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Detroit running back Rudi Johnson said Wednesday that the player who was waived to make room for him on the Lions' roster -- Tatum Bell -- took his luggage from team headquarters.

    "All this happened when he got released," Johnson said. "He came in to get some stuff out of his locker and that's when he scooped up the bags."

    After being cut by the Cincinnati Bengals, Johnson came to Detroit to work out for the team and meet with Lions president Matt Millen on Monday. During the meeting, which ended with Johnson agreeing to a free-agent contract, the two Gucci bags that he had received as a Pro Bowl gift were taken from inside the team's headquarters.

    Johnson met with the Detroit media for the first time Tuesday, and talked about Bell in a positive manner -- saying they had discussed the Lions and that Bell, also a running back, had given him advice on the team and the city.

    However, shortly after Johnson praised Bell, team security director Ricky Sandoval showed him footage from the team's surveillance system.

    "Ricky showed me the tape Tuesday afternoon," Johnson said. "What makes this crazy is that I've talked to him after games, and I talked to him a couple hours prior to this -- I guess it was before he found out he was going to be released."

    Johnson said a woman returned the bags to the practice facility Tuesday evening, but that the contents were gone.

    "I got the bags back -- empty," he said. "So he's got a bunch of my underclothes. What he's going to do with that, I don't know. He's got some socks and boxers."

    Johnson said he was also still missing about $200 in cash along with his ID and credit cards, but said that he did not plan to involve the authorities.

    "I don't need the police for this," he said. "I got my bags back and the credit cards are canceled."

    Bell, however, claimed the situation was a misunderstanding. Bell told the Detroit Free Press that defensive end Victor DeGrate, whom the Lions released Saturday, had asked Bell to pick up his bags for him. Bell said he picked up the bags, not realizing they weren't DeGrate's.

    "I wasn't thinking or nothing," Bell told the newspaper. "I just grabbed the backpack and grabbed the other bag. They weren't in nobody's locker or nothing like that. They were just sitting there by the computer area right there. I grabbed them and put them in the car.

    "They said they got me on film taking the bags. I said, 'If you look on film, I wasn't in no hurry or nothing.' I was just going about my day," he said.

    Bell said he delivered the bags to a female friend of DeGrate's without opening them. Bell told the Free Press that he did not have anything of Johnson's and wanted to clear his name.

    "I ain't no thief," Bell told the Free Press. "I ain't never been one, and I ain't never going to be one."

    Johnson and Bell have spoken about the incident.

    "I tried to talk to Rudi yesterday, but he was pretty upset, so I let it go," Bell told the newspaper. "I come to find out the bags weren't whose I thought they was. It was just an honest mistake."

    Johnson told the Free Press that he doesn't believe Bell's version of events.

    "I didn't want to talk to him, but I let him know where I stand," he said. "He knows how I feel about it, and it isn't anything positive."

    Lions coach Rod Marinelli declined to comment on the issue after Wednesday's practice, but the team issued a short, uncredited statement before Johnson confirmed the reports that had started on the Internet Tuesday night.

    "We are aware of the media reports regarding former player Tatum Bell," the statement said. "Our sole focus continues to be on our regular season opener in Atlanta. We will not have any further comment on the media reports involving Tatum Bell."

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Too funny! Just another episode of "As The NFL Turns".

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Bell is obviously a lying, bitter, piece of ****. If it was an "honest" mistake, then why did the bags get returned empty? Bell is not a good runner and I hope he never sees another snap. He was a lucky recipient of a great line and running scheme in Denver and nothing more. I have the feeling that this somewhat amusing story will be his last headline ever, unless of course he does some more outrageously stupid stunts.

    What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.

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    Re: Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”

    Bell is kinda good in Madden, sometimes...

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