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    Tony Romo - QB - Cowboys

    Tony Romo - QB - Cowboys

    Cowboys signed QB Tony Romo to a six-year, $108 million extension through 2019, including $55 million guaranteed.
    Romo is 33, so the six-year extension locks him in through his age-39 season. Still a top-ten (regular season) QB, Romo is coming off career highs in attempts (648) and yards (4,903), although he led the NFL in interceptions (19) and absorbed 36 sacks to tie a career high. For Romo's part, he's been a top-nine fantasy quarterback in each of his last five healthy seasons. Romo's record over the past three years is 17-21. Even if "wins" are no way to measure quarterback performance, Romo hasn't taken Dallas to the playoffs since 2009 and has just one career playoff win. We like the extension for the fantasy values of Romo, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten. The price is fine -- $18 million per year -- but it's not necessarily a deal that will pay dividends for the future of Jerry Jones' franchise. The $55 million guaranteed surpasses Joe Flacco's $52 million, but comes up $5 million shy of Drew Brees' league-record $60 million guaranteed.
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

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    Re: Tony Romo - QB - Cowboys

    My Deputy Director is going to hate this.


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    Re: Tony Romo - QB - Cowboys

    A Letter to Dallas:

    "Hey Jerry Jones ever wonder why your Cowgirls don't live up to expectations? I mean besides your inept management of your team? Oh my bad it is because of your inept management--sorry my bad.

    Your on the books for $55M with a 33 year old QB who demonstrates an inability to play well against physical teams, something rather undesirable when in the payoffs, tends to get reckless with the ball about 1 out of every 4 games, and who often doesn't recognizes coverage schemes. His average 101 QB rating though impressive on paper ought to come with an (*) considering the NFC-Central is often a basket case--that if either Washington, New York, or Philly are having a good season your team ain't going nowhere

    Further at some point your going to need a new QB--sooner then you think-- and your still going to have to Pay Romo. Jerry your the main reason why I am so glad I am a Ram fan and not a Cowboys fan"

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