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    Talking "Top Seven Favorite Coaches to See During a Football Game" By Bill Simmons

    7. Jeff Fisher: Love the NASCAR look ... all he's missing is a fire retardant suit.

    6. Mike Shanahan: Looks like an artery could explode in his right temple at any time.

    5. Brian Billick: Seems like the kind of guy who would own a full-length mirror.

    4. Andy Reid: Looks like he would cut one during a team meeting and blame it on the running backs coach.

    3. Jon Gruden: Definitely drinks too much coffee.

    2. Dick Jauron: Looks like a Scooby Doo villain.

    1. Dave Campo: For God's sake, when are the Dave Campo Halloween wigs coming out?

    Man, this guy is funny!

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    The one about Andy Reid cracked me up! Ever read Norm Chad?

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    Not that I can recall. But I've read so much, it's hard to remember everyone. Sports comedian/commentator?

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