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    Torry Holt's attitude....

    From reading up on all of his comments the past two years about how he would love to finish his career with Carolina to asking for his release to His no comments remarks makes me completely sad and sickened by this man.

    During the 2008 season his stats dropped off dramatically because I believe he gave up. You look at some of his routes he ran and they were ran half assed. There was a play as I recall against the dolphins where he ran an out route and Bulger put the ball right on him and he completely dogged it and dropped the ball.... I would never think Torry being the complete honorable man that he is would do that but that's how it looked to me. A player of his stature just does not lose or forget how to play the game. He wanted out 2 years ago lets face it guys.

    I know a lot of you guys will most likely chastise me on this topic but I truly feel he gave up on this organization a long time ago which is a slap in the face to us the fans for being loyal.

    What are your guys thoughts on this post? Am i completely out of bounds on this topic or does my theory have some logic behind it.
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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    I'm not sure if Torry gave up on the team, or if he gave up on the management and coaches, or if he gave up on himself. Seriously - I think he might have felt as though he was being blamed for the crappy record the Rams were getting. After all, he was THE big-name WR, HE went to the Superbowl, HE had those incredible circus catches. How many times did we see him in Linehan's face? To me, it looked like he had no respect for the coach, the coach did not respect is opinion, and that's enough to cause MAJOR burnout.

    Yes, he could have given it a try with the new HC, but he knew there was a "youth movement" on, he's not exactly 23 anymore, and he knows he doesn't have many more chances to get another ring...


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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    Think of it this way...

    Let's say you have a childhood friend. From ages 8-18, you are the best of friends. Then, a time comes that you start growing apart, and maybe there are a few instances in which feelings are hurt, leading up to a point when the friendship essentially ends.

    Years later, you'll probably look back on that person as a good friend.

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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    Holt kind of reminds me of Kobe, they both are on teams I love. But I'm not a big fan, Holt has been a great Ram. I hope he finishes his career where he wants to play, he sure did not want to finish here. Best of luck....

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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce4life View Post
    What are your guys thoughts on this post? Am i completely out of bounds on this topic or does my theory have some logic behind it.
    As a subjective opinion, you gave good reasons to back up your conclusion. Thus your thoughts are valid. This exact topic has been discussed extensively on every Rams discussion board.

    Quite a few people agree with you and quite a few don't.

    Considering the circumstances, I give Holt a pass.

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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    Yeah, i don't think you're out of bounds at all. I think the very reason the Rams (ie. Spag's and Devaney) gave up on Holt was exactly because Holt had already given up on the Rams. Changing the culture requires every player to sign the dotted line and give their all for Spag's four colums, especially the one I refer to as "team first."

    that being said... I can't blame Holt for being so jaded and wanting out, what with all the mismanagement and the very real way the Rams ousted Isaac Bruce. I give Holt a pass and i give the new regime a pass. its that ziggy/shaw character I'd like to exchange a few words with.

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    Re: Torry Holt's attitude....

    A few things that I can say, and I can say it pretty quickly. KoaKoi already said it. Pretty much everybody should be exonerated.

    But I'm pretty much gonna add my 5 dollars worth here.

    1) Torry Holt has given everything he possibly could to this organization, and he might have just ran out of gas in the faith tank.

    2) Torry Holt was not necessarily the one who cut Torry Holt's production. The Rams, admittedly, and reported in nearly all cases and sites, Force Fed Donnie Avery, and THIS action is what chopped Holt's numbers down. I noticed it all year too. Watching the games, it seemed that Holt just wasn't getting the looks like Avery was, even when he was open. I don't know if there was something between Holt and Bulger, as the Rams usually keep their issues quiet behind the scenes. Now what happens on the Sidelines with Linehan... well we all know that wasn't quiet.

    3) Holt deserves to finish how he wants. If the man has done everything he has for you like Holt has for the Rams, and he has an ideal retirement idea, let him go. If what he wants is to play 2 years and Carolina and then go out that way, let him have his last ride. Every player deserves to retire in a situation they want to, and as long as it doesn't interfere with business in the end, they should get that opportunity. You only retire once from a job. (By the way, Brett Favre is not considered in this post, as I for one find him ridiculous, and pretty much never liked him. TRADITIONALLY, you work, you work till you can't perform the job to a degree anymore (or turn 65-ish) and then you retire.) And then it's over. So let them have a beautiful goodbye.

    4) It is really time to move on. After seeing such failure, I don't think Holt could become motivated. And for that I do not blame him. When everything is going to "change" about 5 times, and nothing works, what's going to make #6 special? Is it possible, Yes, but is it going to work? 1 in 6 is basically a crapshoot. And I don't know if someone can tolerate that at the end. You want to have a good finish, and I can't say that in the next 2 years the Rams could grant that.

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