Perfect Day of Training Camp Capped with Songs, Stories, S'mores
Bill Belichick rewarded his New England Patriots training campers for a good day of listening, teamwork and commitment yesterday with a traditional camp evening of fireside songs, scary ghost stories and delicious, fire-roasted s’mores.

“This is what camp is all about,” said linebacker Tedy Bruschi, licking delicious s’more off of his fingers. “This makes everything we do during the day worthwhile.”

Belichick, a strict disciplinarian, doesn’t always grant his campers a night of fun, relaxation and camaraderie. He only grants it when he feels it has been earned.

“I’m not one of those leaders who thinks camp is all about getting away from home and having a good time,” he said. “Every one of these young men are sent here to learn and to better themselves. If they are doing it then fine – enjoy some marshmallows while singing ‘Kumbaya.’ But first things first.”

Once the team finished its evening film study sessions with position coaches, the entire team gathered at the fire pit by the pond to start the night’s festivities. Safety Rodney Harrison started off with a scary story about a man who thought he was injecting himself with steroids, only to find out the whole time he was using some sort of placebo. If that wasn’t scary enough, offensive lineman Nick Kaczur followed with a tale about a man who couldn’t escape the long arm of the government and was forced to wear a wire and record all of his conversations with his friends.

With several rookie campers starting to cry, star camper Tom Brady lightened the mood by talking about girls and Randy Moss followed that up with a funny story about how he once ran a girl over with his car. Then there was singing, followed by s’mores and bedtime and lights out.

“I could go to any camp I want,” said Brady, “but this is the one I want to come back to year after year after year. The counselors mean well, the food is good and my fellow campers are up for experimenting sexually on one another.” - Perfect Day of Training Camp Capped with Songs, Stories, S'mores